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Skullduggery Pleasant is a fast paced, action filled, wise cracking book that never has a dull moment.
Admittedly, It is very hard to be funny...and making someone laugh using only words written on a black and white page is even harder.

However this book executes it perfectly!

The protagonist: Mr. Skullduggery himself, is an egotistical - sarcastic- magical skeleton (yes a magical skeleton).
So for someone with no tongue, jaw muscles or a voice box...He never shuts up! Making light of every outrageously tense - edge of seat moment there is. Of which, there is A LOT.

Accompanied by his good friend's niece: Valkyrie Cain/Stephanie Edgley, A young, relatable teen who craves adventure and knowledge she can use to enhance her magical abilities: This peculiar duo make a perfect team.

The book is very quick to get straight into the madness of the magic realm, and doesn't dwell too long on dull, slow and boring introductions before getting to anything good, like far too many books tend to do. This fun/fast writing style takes a twist on the magic world is consistent in and throughout the books, making these books very easy...Nay! A delight to read.

So I urge you, If you are not a big reader, try as you might you can't get past the first few chapter, pick this book up - and considering there is twelve books in total in the series- you'll never want to put it down again.


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