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Click HERE for the 10 reasons why you should support Night Terrors.

Night Terrors is a smart phone game so clever/horrifying that it may just may be a game changer! Night Terrors is a game that transforms your home or environment into an interactive Horror movie. May your fears and phobia's come to life right before your very eyes.

Night Terrors is currently fundraising on Indiegogo, with a very creepy teaser trailer that gives you an idea of the Horrors you are in for.

With perks that include name personalisation where the ghosts and demons call you by name that is sure to freak you out, along with other perks such as featuring in the game yourself. This Indiegogo is a project that myself and Back to the Movies are proud to be partnered with.

Our ambitious project uses your phone camera to make a map of your entire home and then uses augmented reality to place ghosts and demons around your house. Not only that but the phone maps your house so the demons and ghosts move around your house just as you would. The technology behind it has never been put into an app before, the game will scan such things as art hanging on your walls and then animate them.

You can’t purchase the game yet (it’s still in development and funding stage), but you can preorder it via the Indiegogo campaign.


What are you afraid of?


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