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I decided to create a mashup of the Avengers and the Justice League in response to an article I saw this evening by a fellow Moviepilot Creator. In it, he brought up an interesting question. Assuming that the world was being invaded by aliens led by Thanos, (complete with Infinity Gauntlet), who from the DC/Marvel Universes would you want on your seven member team to take him down? The rules state that the team must have seven members: five heroes and two reformed villains. The identity of the leader and the reason for each member's appearance must be given.

So without further ado, I present: THE AVENGERS...OF JUSTICE!

The Leader: Captain America

Cap is definitely my choice for the leader because while he is just as eager as the rest of the team for victory, he knows that personal sacrifice is part of the job and is willing to put the good of the team and/or mission ahead of his own needs and wants. He knows how to stay cool under fire and could certainly handle anything the aliens could dish out.

The Heavy Artillery: War Machine

Rhodey was definitely a first choice for this squad because his suit is arguably more heavily weaponized than any Iron Man suit. It's got a semiautomatic 9mm pistol, pump-action shotgun, high-powered machine gun, grenade launcher with interchangeable tear gas and smoke grenades, a six-barreled Gatling gun, and a missile capable of destroying a bunker inside of a bunker. Plus, I happen to think that the War Machine suit has a much cooler paint job than any of Stark's suits. Who says you can't be the most heavily armed and armored guy on the field and still look good doing it?

The Heavy Artillery Support: The Winter Soldier

The first of my reformed villains is the Winter Soldier. This guy, like War Machine, is a walking armory. He carries an Uzi sub-machine gun, a pistol, an AK-47, a knife, and an M16. Plus he's got a metal arm that gives him increased strength. Definitely a guy you want in your corner during a hostile alien invasion.

The Tactician: Batman

Batman, being my favorite superhero, would naturally be the second in command. The only reason I put Cap above him is that I realized Cap would be a more capable leader in a crisis situation. This is NOT to say that I think Batman wouldn't be a good leader, (he IS after all, field commander for the Justice League), but it IS to say that in a situation where the survival of the team as a unit is more important than its actual victory, Cap is a much better candidate. However, Batman would be on the list for several reasons. First of all, he is arguably the smartest character in the DC Universe, he has all the coolest toys, and he's shown that he can be an extremely effective strategist when he has time to plan but is also a remarkably good on-the-hop tactician.

The Combat Expert: Black Panther

The Black Panther would be an enormous asset to the team because when it comes to physical combat techniques, he's basically the Marvel Universe's answer to Batman. The guy single-handedly took down Captain America, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and Iron Man. Any guy who can do that deserves respect in my book. Plus, his vibranium-laced suit has the ability to rob incoming projectiles of their momentum so that they never actually reach him.

The Muscle: Bane (NOT Christopher Nolan's version!)

My other reformed villain is Bane. Bane is built like a tank anyways and thanks to the chemical stimulant Venom being continuously pumped through his veins, that tank is now built like a dinosaur. And that dinosaur could arguably level even the mighty Hulk with one punch. The reason I am so adamantly opposed to using Christopher Nolan's incarnation of Bane is that this version denies him his true power. In its effort to be "quasi-realistic", it lost the completely unrealistic sense of the character that is the very basis of who he is. In the film The Dark Knight Rises, the only thing Bane does that is worthy of his true form's character is snap Batman's back. Bane is SUPPOSED to be unrealistically strong. That's the whole point of the character. We all know that a real human being can't throw dumpsters around as if they were made of cardboard and treat full-sized cars as if they were Hot Wheels. We know he's scientifically impossible and that's why we love him as a character.

The Sarcastic Banter-er: Hawkeye

The reason I wanted Hawkeye on this squad is pretty simple. Not because he's literally so good that he can hit his target without looking at where he's aiming, (although that would certainly help during an alien invasion!), but rather I put him on this team because I needed at least one guy to counteract all of the somber and serious guys who comprise this team. Nobody likes to be serious all the time, except maybe Batman, and Hawkeye's sarcasm is certainly an excellent cure for his teammates' lack of humor. In fact, I would go so far as to say that without the humorous influence of Hawkeye to buoy their confidence, this team would collapse within minutes upon initial contact with one another. One could almost say that Hawkeye is the "dampening rod" that would keep this nuclear reactor from having a meltdown.

That's my team! Got a better one? Let me hear it in the comments!


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