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There are many beloved characters in the Star Wars "Legends" books that are no longer canon. Fortunately, a lucasfilm member said that they will look at legends characters or stories to try to fit people in. Here are some of the people we really want to see(ignoring the obvious ones like Grand Admiral Thrawn)

Admiral Daala

Grand Moff Tarkin's Lover. That's a good place to start. The only female officer in the Imperial Navy has her ships assigned at the Maw Installation, where the Death Star was designed and other weapons(like the sun crusher) are being built. Because of this we could have the entire Jedi Search series lines up and ready to role. Admit it. You want to see the person who could stir a fire in that vulture-faced Tarkin.

Jax Pavan

Featured in the Coruscant Nights books, Jax Pavan was a Jedi who escaped Order 66 and after his master Evan Piell died(who officially died at the citadel{though I don't care, give him a different master}) joined a rebel group with his protocol droid who could kill people with a laser finger.


A milking laser finger.

Which ties in with our next two entries.

Nick Rostu

Besides helping out Jax, Nick also was a guide for Mace Windu, AND had his body taken over by a sith warrior who Luke Skywalker killed. Needless to say, he's pretty cool. And he's black. Just in case we need more black characters.

Den Dhur

A sullustan reporter who fell onto hard times after the war, this guy is like Stan Lee in a Marvel Movie. He just shows up out of nowhere and throws one-liners.

And finally

The entire cast of "Death Star."

A twilek bar owner. TWO epic martial artists, a "barterer," a TIE pilot, a former prisoner turned designer for the Death Star, the librarian who sent the Death Star plans to the rebels, WHAT MORE CAN YOU WANT?!?!?! Hopefully, because of the Rogue One movies(about finding the death star plans) we can see some of these fantastic character.

What do you think? What other characters should be made canon?

Thanks for Reading!

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