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A few days ago, Scott Cawthon updated his website with this image:

The creations are as terrifying as ever
The creations are as terrifying as ever

Five Nights At Freddie's: The Final Chapter will be released this year in time for Halloween. How do I feel about this? Well, I have a mix of confusion, dread and disappointment. We don't need another game, do we?

It appears that MatPat is putting the final pieces together of the FNAF conspiracy with the final answers coming next week so it doesn't seem that there won't be any more point to unravelling the mystery.

At the end of FNAF 3, the souls of the dead children were put to rest and the facility was burnt down so we don't need closure either. So why do we need another game? What will it be like?

Well, if we remember from the end of the third game, the items that were recovered from the Fazbear Horror Attraction were sold off at auction. If we brighten up the image on the newspaper, it appears that Springtrap had survived and might play a role in the fourth instalment.

Judging from the tiny heads over who I'm going to call Nightmare Freddy, something freaky will be going on. Perhaps a madman will be experimenting with the animatronics and creating monsters. Another theory is that this will be taken place in someone's nightmares, someone who fears Freddy. Perhaps Mike Schmidt, the original security officer. A much less likely theory is this will be another prequel like FNAF 2, explaining the bite of '87.

It's tough to predict what the gameplay will be like. Every game has different gameplay, FNAF 1 had doors, FNAF 2 had a mask and FNAF 3 had rebooting systems. One of the popular theories is 3d roaming but that seems over the budget and out of character with the rest of the franchise. Whatever we're going to see in this game, it will be very difficult.

I think most of you can agree with me that we don't need another game but perhaps this one will have a lot less ambiguity and give closure to regular minded people who don't watch game theory. But that's just a theory a- I already did that one. Damn.


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