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I've been a Batman fan a long time. I've watched the BTAS many times over, enjoyed a few of the expanded universe, watched all the movies(from Adam West to Christian Bale)and grew a great appreciation of the stories within. I read old comics, new comics and one of the best characters was the Joker. Always the Joker. The insane, madcap clown whose own tragic past lead him into insanity, who is the perfect foil to the brooding dark knight and, in more ways than one, was the other side of the same coin.


Jared Letos' Joker will....

I heard about the casting choices. The girl who flashed her vagina in "The Wolf of Wall Street"as Harley Quinn. I wonder if they only did it because they liked her brooklyn accent in that. Will Smith the has-been as Deadshot, one of my favourite comic villains(I read Secret Six a lot before New 52 stamped it out and spat on it)ruined. But you're not here to read about them. You're here about the Joker.

I saw the casting of Jared Leto as the Joker and sighed. I'm not a big supporter of Jared Leto in any case, not really a fan. "Tut tut"some other people said to me "you may not be a fan, but maybe the other people will be good." Except none of them are good choices. "Tut tut"said they(though less politely)"Jared Leto is an amazing choice! Maybe he'll make you like him!"and brought out their same complaint of "I bet you didn't like the casting choice of Heath Ledger either! Ben Affleck will be a great Batman! Better than all the others! And Jared Leto will be too as the Joker!" And I sat there and laughed at the idiocy.

But then I thought "Okay, I at least waited to see Heath Ledger as the Joker before I cast full judgement. I wasn't fully convinced he could pull it off, but I decided to wait.I'll see how this one looks." And when I saw Heath Ledgers Joker, just the still image of his face.... It was just the image of his face in extreme close up, with the black all around, the scarred cheeks and the black eyes....that was enough for me and I was following Dark Knight for months, counting down the days until i finally saw the movie. When the first trailer came out, I watched it over and over again, excited and elated to see such a creepy portrayal. Joker can be creepy, but the versions I had seen before had been a bit downplayed(Jack Nicholson was just Jack Nicholson with makeup on, Mark Hamill Joker couldn't kill anyone, "Batman Brave and the Bolds" Joker was extremely stupid and even more cartoonish than "The Batmans" get the idea.)

So I waited. I curled my lip at Leto's "Joker Voice"that everyone pasted all over my wall. And then I saw the picture.

My god. I know that they've said that Joker won't look the same in the film, but my god....I was disgusted. Turned off from the movie. Grills. Tattoo's with "Ha's"and smiles. And Leto looks just pasty. Like a drug addict with pale skin rather than a skin dyed nutjob. Joker has to look scary when he smiles, this looks like a selfie photo at a teen girls party. And they try to rip off the pose and style of the comic "the Killing Joke"when it's clear they're aiming towards the same universe that the whole DC franchise is leaning towards, Frank Miller. The Joker in Frank Millers controversial "All Star Batman and Robin"(you know, the one where Batman fucks Black Canary on a dock, beats up Robin and tells him to eat vermin in the Batcave after Dicks parents just were killed in front of him)had a tattoo on his back in the shape of a dragon....unsure of what the hell it means in any case.

Joker has declined in recent years, being destroyed in his largest media, the comics, through the story called "Death of a Family".....which is so similar in title to "A Death in the Family"(where Jason Todd is beaten to death and killed temporarily by Joker)....but in "Death of a Family"is the story of a Joker who they tried so hard to make scary by one upping Heath Ledgers Joker. This version, being the insane and stupid New 52(where women are no longer people, gays are no longer able to marry for love(because it would "destroy some of the tension",and everything is overblown and overly dark)has Joker with his face cut off....and held on with staples and a belt. When I first saw this, I thought "Huh...."and then I saw this version over and over and got tired of it. Joker, while creepy, was often very funny as well. He does terrible things, but he does them because of his twisted sense of humour. One scene of the comics has him speaking to his henchman about his relationship problems(having just launched Harley Quinn off in a rocket)and having the henchman tell him his. The Joker just gets tired of it eventually and just shoots the guy. And thats one of the great things.

I feel that this version is trying to draw on "All Star Batman and Robins"Joker, but also from The DKR Joker(because we have to run that into the ground)and the shitty New 52 Joker. Jared Leto is not a good choice. The look is terrible and if all the characters are drawn from the New 52 universe, this will flop fast.


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