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Mirror Master

A master thief with a taste for the technical can't resist the chance to put his mitts on otherworldly engineering. This reprobrate has outwitted the Bat, the Flash and a few other members of the JLA. The best part is that he is only motivated by Greed and sentimentality.

Jon Jon'ZZ the Martian Manhunter

The last martians loyalty to Homo Sapien is without question. This being can shape shift , defy visible wavelengths of light, fly and fight hand to hand with the Superman. The Manhunter also reads minds. His detective skills rivals the Bats and he does not sleep.

John Constantine

Not every team member needs to be deep in the mix, making decisions in the heat of the moment. Even the Manhunter has passions. This man is our Spider. This Sorcerer has turnt major demons over to his will without them even knowing. He is best alone and outnumbered. Keep him that way and he will serve as signpost to my New Defenders.

The Thing

The thing is one charming, tough S.O.B. Antagonistic, head strong , suffering no fools; he is prickly and crude but he would give his life to protect his friends. Ernie Borgnine cast in stone. The well of his strength may have no bottom. He will just keep on punching until there is nothing left to punch.


This dude can make any chemical reaction happen, on the spot. They say he isn't so smart but with the advent of the internet Rex Reed has got to be knowledgeable of advanced chemistry. When Mirror Master gets alienated Rex will be there to relate.

Doctor Doom

Tony Stark likes to crack jokes about Doctor Doom because Doctor Doom makes Tony Stark nervous. His designs are simply perfect. The "doom percentage" is tabulated by the RR himself and represents the percentage of the world population that become citizens of his republic every year. What Doom owns cannot be taken, hacked or destroyed by any conventional undertaking. He will be furious when he hears that someone is trying to take over the world without his permission, absolutely furious. He will "volunteer" to lose this team but even Doom must submit to...

Kitty Pryde

The Shadowcat is a formidable combatant. Her phase abilities allow her access to everything. One day it may be NSA secrets. Another day she may vibrate the molecules of a common pencil to gain access to the brainstem of her combatant. She is a gamechanger. Not to mention her contacts with multiple ets.This one contains true grit and can be counted on to do what is right. Her years with the X set have given her access to every scenario, every heartbreak and she has not and will not harden her heart. She would be a great foil to Dr.Doom and the Thing would always back her, which would also serve to mitigate their natural antagonism.


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