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Arrow was great this week as we saw Al Sah-Him come to the forefront, with plenty of action and setting up for the final two episodes, which look epic! Obligatory spoiler buffer before I delve into the trailer for Episode 22. So, full spoilers for Episode 21 and speculation for the rest of the season follows. Spoiler buffer comes in the form of Nyssa dancing for her father, thanks to Katrina Law, and it really could hold a post on its own! The fan art I used for the cover is by Bosslogic, an amazing fan artist, who I'll do a showcase post of soon! See his Twitter or Instagram for more.

Now that you've reveled in not only Deathstroke dancing, but Nyssa al Ghul, here's the trailer Episode 22, 'This is Your Sword.'

Wedding time!

And how happy everyone looks about it! Honestly, I can't help but giggle at all of the 'shippers' - you know I'm not a big fan of that if you follow me - who thought that this was actually going to be the wedding of Oliver and Felicity. Anyway, it's inspired by the 'Daughter of the Demon' storyline, but done with two different contenders.

The flashbacks tie to the present!

We've had our on-off references and the presence of Tatsu and Maseo in the present, but now we're seeing the story for the flashbacks this season with the Alpha/Omega bioweapon play directly into the events of the present. Exciting stuff.. not for Starling City, though!

Merlyn makes an offer... what is it?

Merlyn's been an interesting character this season, with his allegiances shifting where it suits him. Now, he turns back to Team Arrow, and offers them something which requires his trust. What is it? A way into Nanda Parbat? A means of killing Ra's or "un-brainwashing" Oliver? We'll see, but something tells me that, being Merlyn, he's not exactly being forthcoming, and he'll have some sort of motive of his own...

Of all of the characters fighting Ra's, though, he's the one with the most to answer to, and if I were him, I'd be nervous accordingly.

Massive fight scene!

Being the penultimate episode of the season, the budget's already a lot higher than usual, and it'll be set to peak for the season finale. That means big scale fight scenes, hopefully filled with arrows flying, hand to hand combat, sword fights, Canary crying, and maybe even some explosive Atom suit weaponry. We'll see.


With a costume that's pretty much pulled directly from the comics, here's our first look at Tatsu in her famous alter ego role, Katana! I don't know if she'll be back for future seasons, but they've definitely put some effort into making this costume comic book accurate, and I wonder if they'll do something with her sword as it is in the comics too, perhaps tying in with Maseo? Which leads us to...

Husband vs Wife - Katana vs Sarab!

Or, more alter egos, Tatsu VS Maseo!
Or, more alter egos, Tatsu VS Maseo!

One of the saddest stories that we haven't even seen play out yet this season is that of Tatsu and Maseo, who, while in the flashbacks are very close, having been ripped apart as if they're two whole new people in the present. Maseo is another interesting character who's dealing with questions about himself, even helping Team Arrow this time, so we may see his allegiances shift here - and I would also brace myself for their son Akio's death in the flashbacks if I were you, which started in the most recent episode and has been confirmed in the present. Either way, awesome fighting!

Roy's back!

That's certainly one way of gaining closure...
That's certainly one way of gaining closure...

We knew that Colton Haynes would return as Roy Harper at least once this season, and this was confirmed as the episode a while back at a press screening of Episode 20. Marc Guggenheim explained the reason why then:

"The thing we felt we owed the audience more than anything was some closure with Thea (Willa Holland). In the writers room I always talk in terms of dangling plot lines as bills we still have to pay. Certainly we owed the audience some close for this kind of three season love story between these two characters."

We may also get some interesting hints on where Roy's character heads from here for his potential guest appearances on all three DC-CW shows.

The team locked away...

While that fight scene looks awesome, it seems it doesn't go the right way for the good guys. But, what this shot also confirms is that Ray Palmer will make it back into the main story, no doubt trying to save the day, which pulls together all of the main characters from this season again. On a side note, it's nice to see Laurel leading the charge in a lot of these shots. I feel her character was owed a fair bit of service earlier, and it looks like she's getting it.

...and Oliver Queen is dead.

This all builds up to the finale, bound to capitalize on this season's theme of identity, appropriately titled "My Name is Oliver Queen," when Oliver will certainly have some huge choices to make. Thankfully, the trailer doesn't give too much away, because we all really hate it when trailers do that.

That's all for now! If you want extra reading and you're a Flash fan, be sure to check out my breakdown for this week's 'Grodd Lives,' which I've done a full breakdown on, or for the Endgame trailer for the rest of the season. I'll also be doing a big Damien Dahrk post later which I hope you'll enjoy, pulling together a heap of theories for Arrow's fourth season. Other than that, don't miss Arrow's penultimate episode, This is Your Sword!


What's your favourite part of the trailer?


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