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Big news for Suicide Squad fans today, after the Joker reveal which has divided the internet since Friday- and rumours growing stronger and stronger that this is in fact not the final look for the film, and just a promotional image for the 75th Anniversary. Now, we have our first apparent look at Will Smith in costume on set filming as Deadshot, AKA Floyd Lawton.

Now, fear not, fans- this costume is actually ripped straight from the comics, but I think it's very early to say this is our first look at Deadshot in costume. More accurately I would think this is our first look at Floyd Lawton in his normal civilian wear. Note this video provided by a Twitter user Erin Crawford-

It's not like he's performing an assassination. This is more likely his civilian garb which he's wearing while walking through the streets- fans of the full face mask, I really wouldn't be ruling it out just yet. His lack at any sort of eyepatch- which may just function as an enhancement in the movie, though it's very early to come to any conclusions yet- also hints at that speculation.

Animated Deadshot from Batman: Gotham Knight.
Animated Deadshot from Batman: Gotham Knight.

That costume's pretty dead on. I approve- it also fuels my speculation that if he looks ripped straight from the comics, just as Batman and Superman do, then are we sure David Ayer's initial Joker release isn't a tease? More on that in a bit. Rumour has it the scene featured Deadshot's daughter, and was a flashback- potentially before he lost his eye. For those who don't know Deadshot, his daughter, Zoe, plays a fairly big role in his mythology.

It would make sense to incorporate her into his development in the movie. And, to top it all off, these scenes are being shot in Gotham, with the GCPD cars from Batman V Superman all present, as well as other cars with "Gotham" styled number plates from similar set photos.

Amanda Waller!

What we also got yesterday was our first look at Viola Davis' rough look for Amanda Waller on set, where her hair is basically identical to Amanda Waller in most comics and animated iterations, much as the character has varied. I'm only guessing, but I wouldn't expect too many set photos of Waller- she's scarcely in the field.

Batman in Suicide Squad?

What we also have is rumours from and other sources that not only was Ben Affleck sighted on the Suicide Squad set yesterday in costume as Bruce Wayne (seriously, the guy's a doppelganger)-

- there's some other news for the coming hours. And it's exciting for Batman fans! Where there is Gotham, someone's sure to follow...

- we also have reports that the Batmobile will be racing through the streets of Toronto in the next 48 hours, as well as allegedly Batman in costume. This is pretty great confirmation that, yes, Batman will be in Suicide Squad, even if it's only likely to be a minor role.

But with our new look at Batman without the Superman logo in front of him, how could you not want him in this movie? Ben Affleck is going to kill it as Batman- objectively, though we have to wait to judge his performance, he looks more like Batman than anyone else to tackle the role.

Arkham Asylum Batman VS Ben Affleck's Batman.
Arkham Asylum Batman VS Ben Affleck's Batman.

Mini Update: While we haven't seen the Batmobile in set photos or heard anything about it (yet), Affleck in costume as the Caped Crusader was sighted on set- with a blanket over his head in an attempt to conceal him, though the bat ears may poke through just a little bit, and Batman's pants and boots are clear. This is fairly good confirmation while Batman's role is likely to be minor, it won't just be a cameo- both Bruce Wayne and Batman will appear. This isn't odd, given a couple of the Squad's lineup in terms of villains belong to him.

Guys my cape blew over my head help.
Guys my cape blew over my head help.

Wait, what's this about the Joker?

Now, here comes the most interesting bit. The Joker. Please note, the following is all speculation and by no means confirming anything. I do not want to be misquoted or misleading here. But, some other fans and I have been thinking this is odd, and sure seems credible. If not, someone's sure put a lot of effort in. Recently, some videos were uploaded on to Youtube under the account name "Jerome_The_Joker." This is the first. The first thing posted to the channel was the post "." Then this.

I know, I know, it's creepy. I got chills watching it, it's eerie. However, we've also had a few more videos since then. Here's the next one- "Mr J has an announcement." Equally creepy. Morse code in the description for both reads- "LADIES AND GENTS BATS AND CLOWNS. WELCOME TO THE SHOW. I HAVE A MESSAGE I HAVE SOME FUN, AND SURELY YOU ALL WILL KNOW. AS TIME PROGRESSES MY MOUTH CONFESSES AND AMERICA WILL HEAR. SIT BAT RELAX AND GRAB A BEER."

This one is the only one where a date appears, as well, down the bottom. Then the third- "Laugh a Little." It's just an awful lot of laughing, but it ends with a final laugh which resembles Jared Leto. We know how he laughs manically from a deleted scene in the movie Mr Nobody, but this just doesn't feel exactly like that one. It's some clever editing or great impressionism if it's fake. From what we could figure out as fans, not expert analysts, the laughs aren't the same, but they do sound similar to Leto.

After this, a Morse code message was uploaded to the site with the caption "5000 Subs Unlocks Something Special." So, naturally, we're all subscribing, even if it equates to nothing, because we're all hooked on it now! Now the most recent one- Who is the Batman? It's entirely morse code.


According to one commenter, the code in the video spells out- "I KNOW JUST WHO THE BATMAN IS AND NAME BEGINS WITH B.N IS JUST WHAT IS AT THE END, AND THE MIDDLE LETTER IS E. I DONT WEAR ANY MAKE UP AT ALL IN FACT I HATE VANITY. MY SKIN IS BLEACHED I AM HAPPY AS A PEACH, AND TATTOOS YOU WILL NOT SEE." I don't know this for certain- I never even understood the basic concept of trying to learn Morse, nor do I think I shall start now.

Notice how the Joker design changes in each video, and the font colour- plus, the laugh is slightly different in every one too. Now, there's many things this could be- it could be a cosplayer who's just starting it out, it could be a fan just duping us, or it could be something official. Who knows? All I know is that it piqued my curiosity and the curiosity of several others on, and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

What made it particularly appealing to us was the above leak, which you've no doubt seen- it was taken over Jared Leto's shoulder as he showed a video to a friend of his Joker. It's odd that he would have such a video on his phone, because when a movie's being filmed scarcely does a character address the audience as he seems to be doing, and rarely does footage leave the banks of the crew of the movie- let alone find its way to a phone. We expected this to be the reveal video; and perhaps it's yet to come.

Again, there is no confirmation here. This may not be official. It really could just be a fan messing with us- perhaps its likely to be. But it's fun and well made all the same, so worth sharing, and it doesn't reek unofficial; as a matter of fact, to me it more leans towards the potentially official side of things, it's that well done. But don't, I can't stress enough, think it's 'confirmation.' On top of that, you'll have to check me on the Morse. I'm going off a translator website and commenters on Youtube, because all I can hear is "beep beep boop."

That's all the Suicide Squad theories and news for now, guys! Hope you enjoyed this long, packed post. For the Joker's "look" which was released by David Ayer on the 75th anniversary, check this out- otherwise, hang out for those set videos of the Batmobile racing through Toronto which may be on the way!

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What's your favourite bit of news or speculation about Suicide Squad in this post?


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