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Straight off the back of the official release of images of Jared Leto's all new Joker looking particularly mental, cheeky leaked photos from Suicide Squad's Toronto based set have begun flooding social media.

We've seen a besuited Ben Affleck which hints at Batman's appearance in the movie, and now the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith, has been snapped whilst filming a scene, looking like a proper badass as the assassin Deadshot.

This isn't Will Smith!
This isn't Will Smith!

Who Is Deadshot?

Floyd Lawton, otherwise known as Deadshot, was created by Bob Kane, David Vern Reed and Lew Schwartz, and first appeared in Batman No. 59 in 1950. Lawton is a highly talented marksman and gun for hire who is well renowned for never missing a target, and having a significant disregard for his own life.

Coming from a troubled but affluent background, Lawton accidentally murdered his beloved brother Edward after the siblings were asked, by their mother Genevieve Pitt, to kill their abusive father George Lawton. The incident was covered up in fear of sullying the family name.

New 52's Suicide Squad
New 52's Suicide Squad

Being one of the major players in the Suicide Squad, we're all expecting Smith's incarnation to play a huge role alongside Leto's Joker in the incoming caper, but who can say what may happen!? We're still a long way away until the feature explodes onto screens.

But at least we can see Will Smith looking well cool in costume:

Will Smith & Wesson
Will Smith & Wesson

Taking a cue from Deadshot's heyday of the murderous socialite donning a tophat and tails to do his dirty work in, here's Smith sporting a fine hat and maroon jacket combo. Dunno about the kicks though...

Suicide Squad's Deadshot looks very, very familiar to DC's animated anthology Batman: Gotham Knight's incarnation, which is no bad thing. And seeing as Deadshot has no regard for his life or those of others, him sporting a gold cross comes as a very interesting costume addition.

What do you think?

Feeling the costume, or feeling perturbed and slightly nauseous?

(Source: MailOnline)


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