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Caution: Spoilers for Avengers 2 will follow!

The Ant-Man movie gained some steam with the debut of that second trailer, which featured some spectacular footage that showed off the unique and creative visual tricks the movie will have in bringing Ant-Man's powers to life. And with Avengers: Age of Ultron ending on a sweet set-up to the New Avengers of Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch and Vision, alongside Captain America and Black Widow - the questions are already being asked about what kind of future the New Avengers have and if Ant-Man has role to play during or after the Civil War of Captain America 3.

The New Avengers Disassemble!

Even if Avengers 2 ended on that high note of the New Avengers being assembled in their very own high tech compound, the chances of them making it through Captain America: Civil War in one piece are next to nil. It's a pretty safe bet that War Machine will be on Iron Man's side and Falcon will be on Cap's. Vision and Scarlet Witch are a bit tougher to nail down but seeing as Vision has more than a little Jarvis in him and Tony Stark killed Scarlet Witch's parents, it isn't too difficult to picture them on opposite sides of the conflict as well.

Ant-Man is ready for duty, Tony Stark.
Ant-Man is ready for duty, Tony Stark.

What's interesting is a lot of this lineup is exactly what was included in a big scoop on the future of Marvel movies over at JoBlo recently. The site specifically added War Machine, Vision and Scarlet Witch to the already confirmed superheroes of Black Panther, Falcon, Black Widow and Hawkeye. But the scoop also added Ant-Man to that list, putting him on Team Iron Man, and even got into some details saying that Captain America: Civil War will feature Ant-Man going into battle in his Giant-Man form. Indeed!

A Giant-Man Sized Secret For Team Iron Man?

This Giant-Man rumor is particularly interesting as it could turn out to be the ace up the sleeve of Tony Stark in his battle against the Superhuman Registration Act opposition led by Captain America. In the Marvel Civil War books, Tony Stark whipped out a cloned version of Thor to try and finish the Civil War once and for all in an epic battle that only resulted in more tragedy. Could the Marvel cinematic universe be swapping out a Thor clone for a Giant-Man? It suddenly seems like a very strong possibility. There's also this very funny interview with Ant-Man's Paul Rudd that does give a little sly hint at some future Avenger involvements.

The scoop didn't say anything about Ant-Man taking on this Giant-Man form in the Ant-Man movie - but it did mention that the final battle between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket will indeed be revealing the enlarging powers that comes with the Ant-Man technology. It would be a pretty cool move on Marvel's part to tease the possibility of Giant-Man in the Ant-Man movie and then save that actual reveal for the next Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War.

After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, I don't think Tony Stark is going to dive back into the waters of creating some robot Thor clone and once again have this creation cause destruction and tragedy... Too soon! It seems like Ant-Man could be the perfect weapon for Stark to have in his back pocket to try and change the tide of the fight and bring some shock and awe to the big showdown. For that reason we're giving this rumor of Ant-Man showing up in Captain America 3 just over a solid 7 on the probability scale.

What do you think? Will Ant-Man join the Avengers in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)? Will they be saving a big reveal for the movie with his Giant-Man powers? Will he join Team Stark? Let us know your hopes and plans for the character in the comments section below!


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