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Art by titevala

As a child, some of the more inappropriate, not-so-subtle jokes and references in Disney might have flown over our little innocent heads. But now that we're older, wiser, more mature - wait, maybe not really any more mature - we understand that these characters have wants and needs, as well as a rebellious side.

At the end of the day, they're just like us: they're human. Well, not all of them. You know what I mean.

Below is some badass and sexy fan art showing the naughtier side of some of our favorite characters. You might want to crank up your A/C...some of these are too hot to handle.

Others might make you want to join a motorcycle gang and shave off half of your hair too. Or maybe that's just me.

Pirate Princess Mermaids of the Caribbean

Art by madmoiselleclau

On the hunt for some booty.

No Chance, No Way. She Won't Say She's In Lust

Art by Arielle

Just A Spoon Full of Sugar

Art by

You Know What They Say About Guys With Big Hats...

Art by Brianna Garcia

Jasmine Does Have A Thing For Vagabonds

Art by Arielle

She Already Saved China...So The Galaxy Will Be A Piece of Cake

Art by Brianna Garcia

Is Calvin Klein Hiring?

Art by David Kawena

She Must Have A Thing For The Bad Boys

Art by Drakkenfan

Bet Belle Broke The Spell With One Kiss

Art by Arielle

Just When Spiderman Thought He Was The Only Badass

Art by Brianna Garcia

Polyamorous Merlin...The More, The Merrier

Art by Brianna Garcia

Prince Ali, Glorious He

Art by Fernando Mendonça

It's Official...I'm a Groupie

Art by gushiebear

Move Over Chippendales! Ken, Woody, And Buzz Have Got Some Moves For You

Art by rain1940

Tinky Is Kinky

Art by LLToon

Alice Likes Them A Little Mad

Art by Brianna Garcia

Fifty Shades of Meg

Art by titevala

And there you have it! The sexier, sultry side of Disney. I know I'm not the only person fanning myself right now.

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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