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Amusement parks are usually associated with fun, thrills and a great day out, but as any good cinema lovers will tell you, they also make some of the most terrifying settings in films, you all remember the horrific roller coaster clip from Final Destination 3, right?

As a thrill seeker and roller coaster lover, that was nothing short of terrifying! But what happens when the fun ends, the music stops and the gates close for good? Simply put, they become places where nightmares come to die.

Take a look at these super spooky abandoned amusement parks and see if you can stop the eerie sound of theme park music from entering your head:

1. Joyland - Wichita, USA

Source: Henry Spradlin
Source: Henry Spradlin

This Kansas amusement park closed down in 2004 and has since fallen into disrepair. Vandalism and nature have played their part in ensuring the theme park looks like a place where dreams come to die. Old rides and equipment litter the site giving the impression that there was once fun to be had, but that time is long gone.

2. Jazzland/Six Flags - New Orleans, USA

Source: Love These Pics
Source: Love These Pics

This scary looking park was actually only opened in 2000, and it just goes to show that mother nature works quickly to take back what was once hers. The park, which was initially called Jazzland before being taken over by the Six Flags group, actually had plans to expand but Hurricane Katrina put a stop to that, and these days the only people visiting the park are brave urban explorers.

3. Okpo Land - Okpo City, South Korea

Okpo Land, with its dark history, would be the perfect setting for a murderous horror film. The amusement park was closed in 1999 after an alarming series of fatal accidents, the final being a young girl falling to her death from a ride. While this is scary enough on its own, what adds to the horror is that the owner of the park disappeared after this final accident and was never heard from again.

In addition to Okpo Land's spooky history, the location of the park - atop a hill on Geoje Island, would just make the whole experience of visiting the abandoned theme park one which is totally steeped in fear.

4. Heritage USA - Fort Mill, USA

This Christian themed amusement park proved that nothing will stop the wrath of god when it was hit by Hurrican Hugo in 1989. The storm, and financial pressures, meant that the park closed its gates soon after.

While much of the park's land has since been redeveloped, the huge castle still looms creepy and abandoned as a reminder of theme park 25 years after it closed.

5. Spreepark - Berlin, Germany

Near the center of Berlin, in the middle of a calm park sits Spreepark, a once-popular theme park that closed in 2002. Since its closure 13 years ago it has become an urban exploration hot spot, with brave souls eager to see the park as nature reclaims it. Once beautiful swan boats sit on green, dirty rivers, the train has rusted to its tracks and the enormous ferris wheel still creeks ominously in the wind.

Spreepark closed after its owner fled Germany for Peru, taking some of the park rides with him in an attempt to restart his theme park in South America. However, in 2004 when returning to Germany, he was arrested for attempting to smuggle cocaine into the country which had sneakily been hidden inside a 'flying carpet' ride. Nice try, buddy.

Spreepark became well known after the climactic end scene of the film Hanna was filmed inside the park, scenes of which can be seen in the trailer for the film above.

6. Gulliver's Kingdom - Kamikuishiki, japan

Japan is filled with many bizarrely themed theme parks and Gulliver's Kingdom was no exception. The highlight of this park, which closed in 2001, was a larger-than-life concrete statue of Gulliver himself tied to the ground, much like the Lulliput scene from the book.

While Gulliver's Kingdom is a spooky enough place with a giant concrete statue of a dead-looking Gulliver, it's really the location of this park that makes it true horror film material. The park sits at the foot on Mt. Fuji, about 15 minutes drive from the infamous Aokigahara forest. Aokigahara is an extremely popular suicide spot in Japan, where roughly 100 suicides occur each year. Definitely nightmare material.

7. Dogpatch USA - Marble Falls, USA

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Dogpatch USA was a hillbilly themed park (modeled on Li'L Abner) that finally closed its doors in 1993 after a slew of issues. When the park opened in 1968 it enjoyed huge success, though in later years the theme dated badly and it quickly became unpopular. These days, Dogpatch USA is dilapidated and it seems more likely to have become a home to literal dogs, then to spend any more time amusing children and families.

8. Pripyat Amusement Park - Pripyat, Ukraine

One of the scariest places on this green earth has to be the Pripyat Amusement Park in the Ukraine. The doors to this ill-fated theme park opened for the first time on the very same day that the Chernobyl disaster happened, and the whole town of Pripyat was abandoned soon after. Their brand new theme park became a ghostly symbol of the fall of the town which had been purposely built for employees of Chernobyl and their families.

These days, 30 years later, Pripyat still lies uninhabited, and parts of the city are still extremely dangerous due to radiation, meaning not only is this theme park spooky, but it is also hugely dangerous.

9. Takakanonuma Greenland - Hobara, Japan

Takakanonuma Greenland is a theme park that frequently comes up on lists of haunted places, and with good reason. This park, which was build in 1973, only stayed open two years before being closed due to several deaths having happened on its rides. For most this would be good enough reason to disassemble the park for good, but the owners disagreed and, after a renovation, it was reopened again in 1986. This time the park was much more of a success, but it was closed for the second time in 1999 after financial pressures.

The park lies very close to the local forests, and it's clear to see that forests have started to take over the enormous structures that once were the scenes of tragic deaths. In addition to the forests, it is also often shrouded in mist, giving the whole place a chilling, haunted feel.

10. Wonderland - Beijing, China

Source: Business Insider
Source: Business Insider

Close to the enormous city of Beijing lies a creepy reminder of an amusement park that was never quite finished. Wonderland was intended to be the biggest amusement park in Asia, and was planned to have a fairy tale town and castle similar to Disneyland. Unfortunately after funding ran out in 1998 construction on the project ended and ever since then the structures which had been either completed, or partially completed have been left to waste away, a skeleton of what it could have been.

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