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So one day my brother and i decided we were in the mood for a good ol fashioned horror movie. This one was on amazon and we thought, "hey why not!" LITTLE DID WE KNOW this movie pretty much was gonna give us nightmares. So here is a little preview of how scary this movie really is.

Firstly WHY THE HELL DID HE JUST KEEP WATCHING THESE TAPES OF PEOPLE BEING MURDERED. I mean i woulda have been like NOPE and just burned the shit too. That is some bad voodoo that you don't want to mess with. And like how could you have let your kids be exposed to it. I mean put that shit away better. so here is the plot of this story and pretty much all of its components. So lets start with the inevitable...

1. The box in the attic

First of all, he moved in here knowing full well people died here. He just needed some kind of inspiration to write one of his great murder books. But upon putting stuff up in the attic he happens across the creepiest looking black box. Inside are just these reels of film that are all labeled as family events taking place from the sixties to the time this move was made in which i believe is 2012. Of course first instinct by nature is to open the box and watch these tapes. I mean who wouldn't. But after seeing a death on the first one. Honestly i would have just gotten rid of them or maybe even turn them into the police like "Hey guys, my family and i are out but i found this crucial evidence in the attic."

2. The sweet shy girl and the boy with daddy issues

Ok so his daughter is kinda ok with the whole move. She pretty much is super shy and reserved. The boy on the other hand obviously has a personal vendetta against his dear old dad. He is super pissed they even had to move and makes all kinds of remarks about his book and stuff. Oh did i mention this kid like sleepwalks and stuff and just has night terrors. Thats the cherry on top right so here we got two kids who in my opinion are easy targets for the creepy demon guy.

3. Angry all knowing wife

She pretty much finds out that people were murdered in the house and isn't really happy with him. Pretty much the whole "We always live in these kinds of houses why cant we just live in a nice house for once." And even the kids are getting picked on and told like "Na na na na na your house is haunted" type thing. So hes like ok whatever we will move when we can afford it or i think that's how that went down. None the less she totally knew what she was talking about and as always in these horror movies the man usually leads them down the path of doom and utter destruction. Like relationships!

4. The creepy slipknot guy

You cannot tell me he doesn't look like he belongs in slipknot. On another note, so the dad kinda thinks he is seeing this guy. Hiding in bushes and around the house. The pictures even move at some point in the movie and that's what got me. But he finally does a little research into this guy and realized they all had a connection. This symbol. Its some satanic thing or something. So he knows a guy who is a professor in this kind of stuff so he sends him all he knows and of course in this period of time of waiting to find out. Stuff goes on. His daughter is seeing the girl who died who apparently went missing. And starts drawing pictures on her walls of this stuff and pretty much her imaginary friend right. Well his sons night terrors become worse and all this crazy stuff is happening so he burns these tapes.

5. Realizing evil

So his professer friend calls him and tells him the scariest shit ever. This guy in all of these films is like some sorta demon that takes the lives of children like he will show up in pictures because its like a portal to his realm and ours.

yeah freakin creepy right.

6. Realizes they need to get the hell out

Now he pretty much is like ok we need to move and now we need to get away from this guy, my children are in danger, ect. So they do he just wakes them up gets all their crap together and their gone. So it cuts to them at this bigger cooler house. I think it might be their original house not too sure. ANYWAYS their all happy thinking the danger has passed and they escaped it. But like every horror movie NOPE thats not the case. So his daughter starts acting really weird. And you already know like, shit he got her. And what he knew was that from all of these cases the children went missing. Where? Who knew. So she knocks them all out with like sedatives and they wake up tied up and on these plastic tarps. And there she is filming them holding an ax. So now you kinda realize, which i think he already realized this earlier. THAT HE WAS MAKING THE KIDS DO IT THE WHOLE TIME AND THEN TOOK THEM. Whoa so long story short shes covered in blood and the creepy thing takes her.

WELL the end... hope you enjoyed my post and here are some scary scenes.


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