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Stephen Adamson

I wouldn't classify myself as the squeamish type, but I will say that if it seems like a movie has the possibility of being excessively bloody or gory, I will avoid eating food during it. It's just that the idea of throwing food down my throat while somebody is simultaneously getting their brains eaten by a zombie, or something, doesn't sound ideal.

If you think you could handle what many people cannot... if you're typically unfazed by gross stuff... this challenge is for you. The challenge is basically that you have to watch all of the clips/gifs below without looking away from your screen. Not. Even. Once. Don't cheat!

We'll start you off easy... but it will get pretty difficult pretty fast.

Final Destination 3 suntanning scene

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Clip

The Human Centipede

Gross scene from The Fly

Creepy old trailer... and wait for it...

Creepshow creepiness

Maniac scene

The Beyond

Braindead aka Dead Alive dinner scene

So, how did you do? Were you able to watch every single one of these clips without looking away once?


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