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Mai ya hee, mai ya hoo, mai ya hah, mai ya hah hah!

If you've never done this dance to the song "Dragostea din tei" by the pop group O-Zone ever in your entire life, I feel very, very bad for you. Because you, my friend, are missing out on one of the most amazing moments of 2004.

A then 19-year-old Gary Brolsma recorded this video and sent it to his friends via Newsground solely because he was bored. He had no idea he would be known across the globe as the famous lip-syncing, arm-pumping Numa Numa Guy.

In 2006, it was reported that this video was the second-most watched viral video of all time, with 700 million views, just behind the "Star Wars Kid" video. I can only imagine what the total amount of views is now in 2015!

How To Go Viral

Brolsma explains what it takes to make a viral video:

"A lot of the people on the Internet have short attention spans... It'd have to be short and funny. Something extraordinary has to happen to catch their attention."

Brolsma has since released some more lip-syncing videos, but he finds that nothing has captured the rawness and purity found in the original Numa Numa video. It seems as if something that great just can't be planned, can it?

But He Can Actually Sing?!

What people may not know is that Brolsma is already an experienced performer, which is why he seemed so natural in front of the camera.

He is the lead singer of a band called The Nonetheless, and they're surprisingly pretty decent. Brolsma seems to carry them well with his emotional vocals. He also enjoys showcasing his talent with his solo work as well, all which can be found on his Soundcloud.

Commercial Man

Thanks to rise to Numa stardom, Brolsma would then go on to star in a 2009 Geico ad as well as appear in a 2010 Super Bowl television commercial for Vizio, available for your viewing pleasure above.

Just my guess, but I bet Vizio had phenomenal sales that year. It's a hypnotizing dance that could get me to buy anything!

Even South Park Can't Help But Numa Numa

Even South Park couldn't help but feature Brolsma! In a 2008 episode titled "Canada on Strike" in season twelve, Brolsma is found among a myriad of internet celebrities wait to collect their payments from the Colorado Department of Internet Money.

And yes, Brolsma dances to the Numa Numa Song as Tron Guy watches in disbelief. I take that look of judgement as a mask for pure jealousy. It's not a dance move everybody can pull off.

Just A Shy Guy

Brolsma claims that not much has changed in his life, as he is from a small town where everyone already knows each other. He still takes the occasional picture with a fan here and there.

Deep down, Brolsma is a quiet and shy dude...even though he claims he has received many marriage proposals girls in Romania. But don't worry ladies! He is single and ready to mingle.

It's been over ten years, but we all remember the first time our eyes fell upon Brolsma and his phenomenal Numa Numa dance. We couldn't help but dance along, and we still can't seem to keep our arms still when we hear the words "numa numa yei."

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