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On April 27th, Moviepilot featured an article sharing hair-raising stories about people's creepy experiences with baby monitors. Check it out here, that is, if you dare!

We asked you, Creators of Moviepilot, to tell us your own sinister baby monitor stories. And much to our horror, you delivered. I apologize ahead of time if you contributed and I wasn't able to tag you. Please excuse those pesky technical difficulties.

Regardless, I don't know how any of you sleep at night...

The Haunted Doll

[lani Ochrymowicz](user:2892964)

I've always found dolls incredibly creepy, and this story only proves my point.

This was before I was born, but my mother had told me this story countless times. When my mother was pregnant with my sister (now 21 years years old), she received a porcelain doll in the baby shower from one of her friends. My now-late grandmother flew in to be at the shower. She expressed how much she hated that doll and my mother responded saying, "Well, it's not for you, it's for the baby." Many months later, my grandmother had passed, never being able to visit her grandchild, like she wanted. The porcelain doll was placed on the top of a tall dresser behind a basket. The only way it could've been moved was if you removed the basket first, and then moved the doll. Fast tracking a few months after birth, my sister was in the crib sleeping late at night, while my mother was struggling to fall asleep. All of a sudden she hears a loud crash coming from the baby monitor. She ran to the door of the nursery, and started praying to God to not find her daughter dead. She didn't hear any crying from my sister, which only made her believe further that her new born was dead. She slowly opened the door only to find that not only was my sister sound asleep, but the doll was completely shattered and spread all across the floor. The basket I mentioned earlier hadn't moved. It was still in the exact spot where it was left. She then started calling out in the air, "Mom, you've payed your visit to your granddaughter now. You can leave.. you can go in peace." Once those words were out, she heard a whisper of her mother's voice. To this day she can't speak about it without tearing up or getting chills..

She said she didn't understand all of the words she said. She heard a lot of murmuring, her name, and "love" in spanish.

I'm happy to hear that the spirit was the kind, loving grandmother of the child...and not some demonic poltergeist with a more monstrous agenda!

Sing Song Taunt

Leah Pieplow

I always get goosebumps when I'm watching a scary film and a little child's voice sings something like "Ring Around The Rosie," or other songs of the same sort. I don't know what I would do if I heard it in real life.

When my oldest was an infant, we lived in a duplex with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. My daughter Lilah was about 2 months old or so at the time. We had the whole upstairs and Lilah, who is now almost 7, was asleep in her crib in our room. I was by myself watching TV in the living room. I had her monitors plugged in, the one in our room was on her dresser close to her and I had mine right next to me on the couch. About an hour into her nap I could hear humming, which I assumed was the wires crossing as it has once before. Then a few minutes later I heard a little girl singing. She sang "Lilah is a pretty girl, her mommy needs to come get her before I hurt her." I ran up those stairs double time, snatched the monitor out of the wall, grabbed my daughter, and ran out of the house until my brother-in-law got home from work. I was in tears! Before then and after, my husband used to wake up in the middle of the night saying something bit him and we would turn on the light and see actual bite marks, as if a child had bitten his foot. As soon as our lease was up, we were out of there!!! I still get chills thinking about it!

I would have definitely moved out too. *Shudders*

Come And Play With Us

[Angel Moreno](user:2891199)

The eerie twins from The Shining, anyone? Two little children I would never like to play with.

When my cousin and her kids were livin with us, her kids stayed in my room we had the baby monitor on so we could here them from the living room. One night, me an my cousin were laying down and we could hear things being moved around in my room through the monitor. We then heard my cousin's kid talking and playing with someone. We told my cousin's cousins what happened, and he didn't believe us. Until one night, he was asleep and it happened while he was in the room! He said he could hear her say she didn't wanna play.

I thought this kind of stuff only happened in films!

"What Are You Doing?"

Lacey Bledsoe

I'm so thankful I never had any experiences like this when I used to babysit.

When I was younger, I stayed the night at my aunt's house with my baby cousin. Whe was at work and I was to watch the baby. My 1-year-old cousin was asleep in his bed, and he couldn't speak yet. All of a sudden, I heard an older man's voice say "what are you doing?" It sent chills up my back. I was 11-12 years old at the time. I ran into my cousin's room scared as fuck, and there was no sigh of anyone. When my aunt came back home, I told her about the man's voice. She got really worried and scared. They moved out of that apartment about a week later.

No menacing ghost man voices, please. No thank you.

Ghostly Garage Sale

CoreyandBecca Dowland

I am a true believer that spirits can inhabit an object. This story seems to parallel my belief.

My aunt and uncle were telling me and my cousin the other day that when she was a newborn, they bought a baby moniter from a yard sale at the house down the street and installed it in her room. After a couple weeks, they started hearing erie funeral music and faint whispers coming through the speakers that eventually got so loud, it woke all of them out of a dead sleep. Needless to say, it got thrown out and she was moved back into my aunt and uncles room!

Thank god they got rid of that thing.

Maniacal Laughter

[Rachel Halpern King](user:877200)

When my oldest was a baby, we lived in what is now called "the bad house." Lights would turn themselves on and off, the TV would change channels, the thermostat would always turn itself to exactly 87 degrees, we would see faces looking through our 2nd story windows, and weird green lights would float around our room at night. What set me over the edge was when I heard what sounded like evil laughter coming from my 2-month-old son's baby monitor then my son started screaming. His dad went in to get him. He said he couldn't hear anything else in the room, but besides my son and his dad, this other voice taunting both of them and laughing maniacally. We left that night.

The "bad house" is a place I'd never want to stay at.

Grab your teddy and keep the lights on. Something tells me I'm going to have a difficult time sleeping tonight.

If you're REALLY interested in scaring yourself awake for months straight, be sure to check out Creator [Gav Chuckie Steel](user:2893254) 's short film titled Monitor, about a new mother and father who wake up to strange noises coming from their child's room.

Now I am truly going to be up all night.


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