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Mass Effect is undoubtedly one of the greatest cultural events of our generation - it's basically our Star Wars! Therefore, the prospects of Bioware's incredible series returning is extraordinarily enticing. We're not exactly sure what the developers have in line for us...well...actually we may have a really good idea thanks to a Reddit leak.

As I'm sure you're all well aware, the basic plot and a fair few details of Mass Effect 4 may have been leaked in a similar fashion to that of Dragon Age: Inquisition. If true, Mass Effect 4 seems to be incorporating the best aspects of the trilogy into its latest instalment while also moving a lot closer to the more RPG-focused style of the original Mass Effect.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

But while this is all well and good, what people really wanted to know is how much of an asshole this new Mass Effect protagonist can be - and it seems like this character is going to be able to push every single Renegade boundary that's ever existed. I was always too much of a coward to play as a renegade, but with some of these new conversation options in Mass Effect 4's plot, I think it's time to man up!

ME4 Is Taking Renegade to A Whole New Level!

There are so many great Renegade choices that pervade the ME universe, just check out this video below to see some of the series' highlights! Players want to ensure that the options continue into this new galaxy, but also that Bioware steps up the choices that are available to players even in the smallest capacities!

The new details that have been leaked in the Mass Effect survey told us that ME4 has the option to actually interrupt conversations, and not just with a renegade trigger-option flashing onto the screen. It also detailed one particular choice, which allowed you to forcefully hold an NPC at gunpoint in order to get them to open a door. You can of course just chat to him and be very persuasive, but why turn down the option to be an ass?

So gamers, what way did you play the Mass Effect series? Are you excited to play as a renegade in the new ME4 plot? If so, let us know in the comments and tell us whether you believe that this is actually a real leak of information regarding Bioware's next venture into the final frontier!


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