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As some of you may know, AoU was released earlier in some countries, incuding my own.

Here is a review of the movie that may contain a lot of unwelcomed spoilers for the Marvelites who will see it tommorow.

The movie starts, like Whedon stated, in force, with The Avengers attacking the H.Y.D.R.A. base situated in Sokovia, a fictional MCU country previously mentioned in Agents of S.H.E.L.D. .

During the epic battle, Iron Man uses a slang word, to wich Captain America replies with "Language!". This scene would be the base of a vast set of jokes set on the star-stryped hero by his fellow colleagues and even Nick Fury:

-In a save from the former director:

Cap: "Fury, you son of a b*tch"

Fury: "Uh..Oh, you kiss your mother with that mouth?"-

Even if his soldiers are no match for the raging superheroes, Strucker still doesn't think the twins (Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, played by Aaron-Taylor Johnoson and Elizabeth Olsen) are ready to enter the fight.

But the "enhanced" youngsters still enter the fight.

Iron Man disables the energy shield that protected the castle you saw in the very first trailer and flies straight to Strucker's location, defeating his men in the blink of an eye and, without the armor, starts downloading intel.

Furthermore, he discovers a secret door (with a "Yay!") that leads him to the room where are located two items: Loki's sceptre, wich we already know that contains the mind gem and a giant Chitauri cruiser.

The twins do two things in this battle:

1. Both beating Cap, Pietro in the woods and Wanda trying to protect Strucker, even if the latter wanted to actually surrender and still gets K.O.-ed by the indestructible vibranium shield.

2. Wanda is messing with Tony's mind in the sceptre room, so that he can have a dark vision, with the cruiser moving among many others and all the other Avengers dead. Before his last breath, Rogers states that he could've saved them.

But Stark wakes up and Wanda asks her twin brother to not engage the avenger, and lets him take the sceptre using an armor glove.

We also witness a scene where Black Widow uses on Hulk something the team calls the "lullaby".

She gently touches the green goliath's hand with her own, calming him and making him transform back to Banner.

After this, Tony and Steve ask Thor, who had the task of getting the sceptre back to Asgard, to remain for a party.

Back at the Avengers tower, Hawkeye, who got wounded is treated with a portable syntetizator by Dr. Cho, who also talks about a bigger one, that will serve a major upcoming purpose in the movie.

Tony reveals Banner some intel about artificial intelligence that they got from Strucker (now in NATO's custody).

The two of them seem to have an old project called "Ultron" that they now can improve.

At the party we see a lot of individuals in uniform, Maria Hill, Rhodey trying to impress everyone with a short story and Falcon talking woth Cap.

We also get a Stan Lee cameo, but he is quckly knocked by trying a one thousand year old shot brought by Thor. When carried out, he also exclaims "Excelsior!".

After almost all the quests left, the Avengers have the well-known hammer moment.

But there appears him, Ultron. After he defeated Jarvis, who stood in his way, the "murderbot" (called like that by Banner) came for the team.

Even if in their banquet outfit, the mighty Avengers still manage to destroy all of Ultron's units that you see in the trailer..but not before he has enough time to go in the internet.

Now everything is cronometrated, the Avengers know that Ultron will try and acces intel about everything he needs including nuke codes. (DAMN)

Tony knows who they got to reach, namely Ulysses Claue.

But Ultron gets in touch with him first, followed by the twins. The Maximoff's bad luck seems to come from a moment in their childhood were their home was struck by a missle with "Stark" inscriptioned on it. After that they voluntereed for Strucker's experiments.

Okay, back at Claue's vibranium filled ship (with a lot of reference to Wakanda), Ultron manages to end a deal with the villain for the massive amount of indestructible metal he possesed.

But Claue compared Ultron with Stark because the latter used one of the playboy philantrophist genius billionaire's quotes and that pissed tge murderbot so hard that he ripped the villain's arm.

This is where the Avengers make their entrance, starting to battle Ultron, the twins and Claue's men.

Wanda starts to mess with each of the team members' minds.

We learn about Black Widow's origins, about her training in the later called red room.

We see the dance that never happened between Steve Rogers and Agent Carter (played by Hailey Atwell)

Thor says the witch tried to mess with his mind, he's mighty and it won't work. But he is quickly absorbed in a vision where Hemidall is blind and desperate.

The witch leaves Hulk for the last, and washes his brain so that he can go berserk. (No grey Hulk, sorry)

Tony destroys Ultron's current form and goes after the Hulk, with the help of a sattelite called Veronica.

He suits up with the Hulkbuster and the space unit provides him with a lot of cool stuff that serves to a really epic fight, ended with the green giant thrown on a unfinished skyscrapper and finally being brought to his senses.

All the avengers except Tony and Hawkeye, that experienced brain-washing before have their moral very low.

Hawkeye decides to take them all to a safehouse where we find out that Clint has a wife, Laura, two kids that call Black Widow "aunt Nat" and even little Nathaniel, who is on the way.

Everyone takes some time off to gather their toughts.

Thor leaves with Selvig in a quest for a magic water, Banner and Natasha talk about a runaway and they realise they both can't have children (he is..Hulk and she was sterilised in the Red Room).

Tony and Steve have the wood cutting scene where their dialog is really tense.

Nick Fury is also at the Barton farm, and reveals himself to Tony after Laura asks the latter to repair something in the barn.

Ultron doesn't take any vacation, and puts Dr. Cho, mind cotrolled by Wanda to syntetise a body containing vibranium tissue and on the forehead the mind gem.

Wanda can even read the syntetisoid's mind, but what she sees gets the twins on the run, with Ultron shooting everyone and saying:

"Wait, guys!"

The Avengers get back in action, taking the unfinished body from Ultron but losing one of their own: Black Widow is kidnapped.

While Ultron prepares his forces in the very fortress that was assaulted by the Avengers at the beggining of the movie, Tony persuades Banner into finishing the project Ultron started and give it the artificial intelligence that protected the nuke codes: Jarvis!

Banner helps Tony, but when the others find out what they did, an all-out fight starts, intrerupted by Thor, who lands on the tissue syintetisator and, in a frankenstein-ish style, gives enough lighting to the body that it raises up.

He says he's not Ultron, and he's not Jarvis..he just is.(Vision, played by Paul Bettany)

He can even lift Thor's hammer and succesfully contain the time gem.

The now complete Avengers team (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) goes to Sokovia to take on Ultron.

Meanwhile, in the main villain's lair, he states to Natasha that he kept her because he doesn't have anyone else. The heroine is terrified by a new big vibranium body that comes from the back and rips apart the unit that was talking.

After the superheroes arrive, Ultron makes Sokovia fly into the sky, worh al the houses, streets and people.

While Tony tries to find a way of bringing the contry back on the ground without making inimaginable amounts of damage there, the rest evacuate the innocent from the floating country, with the help of Nick Fury, who brings the hellicarier.

The vibranium Ultron takes Thor from the battlefield and starts to beat him up, but Vision comes in the save with the mighty god's own hammer.

What is next is a team-up between Thor's lighting, Iron Man's repulsor blasts and Vison gem energy beam that almost melts all the vibranium from wich Ultron's body was made.

Hawkeye has his own moments in this fight, motivating Scarlet Witch and leaving the evacuatin ship for a young boy, Costel.

But after he takes Costel, Ultron comes raging with the Quinjet. Hawkeye prepares to die and believe me, the audience almost says goodbye to him.

But Quicksilver comes at super-speed and saves Clint and the boy, with the price of getting pierced all over by the ship's missles.

His twin sister senses this, she kneels and she screams in pain, whipe all the Ultron units around her literally vanish.

Hulk jumps aboard the Quinjet and tosses Ultron outside.

Scarlet Witch comes and rips his heart off, stating that this is what she felt when Pietro was shot.

Iron Man and Thor blow up Sokovia to pieces while everyone is saved.

At the end of the battle we find Vison having a dialog with Ultron. The latter states that the humanity is doomed, but Vision resoponds with the fact that something beautiful is not something that lasts.

Vison then fries the last Ultron with the power of the gem.

At the end of the movie, we find out that the Hulk ran with the quinjet and he can't be traced, Tony wants to take some time off, Hawkeye returns to Laura but Captain America and Black Widow remain in a new Avengers base, this time near NY, to initiate a new team, consisted of Scarlet Witch, War Machine and Falcon.

The only after-credits scene shows Thanos puting on the empty infinity gauntlet and tating he's gonna do it himself.

The movie was my favorite so far, and I'm now so burning for the next ones because of all the easter eggs that I'm gonna talk about in another article.

If I missed anything, tell me in the comments below, alongside your personal opinion about the movie!


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