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Death Note lives again with the American adaptation of the Japanese manga finally picking up steam. The Hollywood Reporter announced that indie favorite Adam Wingard has signed on to direct.

Wingard is known for his distinctive and beloved films The Guest and [You're Next](tag:908894), which both provide enough thrills and chills for me to get excited about this choice.

The manga and anime follow the nearly perfect young genius Light, who discovers a notebook that gives him the power to kill anyone he puts inside (if he knows their name and face). As his idealistic and pragmatic views converge, Light decides to rid the world of evil by killing all criminals and people he deems undesirable. The trail of bodies leads the police to believe a serial killer is behind all the killings, and brilliant but off-putting detective L is put on the case.

This clip from the anime does a great job of summing up the character types (fair warning: it's a tad bit spoilery, but nothing too major).

The story plays with the cat and mouse game between L and Light, while Ryuk, a terrifying death god who dropped the Death Note, looms over the action. And, I'm not exaggerating when I say "terrifying," this thing offers ample opportunity to turn Death Note into a real horror experience.

Now the main question: will Warner Bros. and Wingard stick to the source material and hire Asian actors, or will they fully Westernize the story for American audiences? Either way, I'll be tracking each development as production moves forward.

Are you looking forward to Death Note coming stateside?


Will you be tuning in for an American 'Death Note' movie?


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