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Director James Wan has obviously become a hot commodity now that he's directed Furious 7, which has already made upwards of $1 billion and counting. Prior to working on Paul Walker's "last ride", Wan was mostly known for semi-low budget horror flicks. That is certainly all going to change, and it looks like it's starting with Robotech.

Apparently, Wan is in talks with Sony Pictures to take his spot at the helm for the long-in-development live action Robotech movie. It could be difficult timing-wise, though for Wan to get on this project any time in the near future. He is directing [The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist](tag:1045293) and has supposedly been linked to Warner Bros. and DC's Aquaman solo movie with Jason Momoa.

It's also unclear (but definitely likely) that Wan might hop on-board more Fast & Furious films. Regardless, he's going to be busy, so it seems like Robotech could potentially be put on the back-burner for a while. Although, according to sources, Wan and Sony are both pushing hard to try to make these "talks" a reality.

Adapting Robotech as a live-action thing and trying to develop an expansive universe a la the MCU is the idea here. The Robotech brand goes all the way back to the early 1980s and includes animated shows, books, comics, role playing games, movies, and toys.

I think that they're going to have to differentiate the movie franchise from Pacific Rim and Transformers, which I think they'll be able to do. There's definitely potential for a visually epic movie, and a little bit of a juxtapositional commentary on technology as a savior and also the possible downfall of humanity.

I hope this hits theaters sooner rather than later. If James Wan is connected to it, I'm definitely interested.

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