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Karly Rayner

The end is near for Damon and Elena, but the pair are blissfully unaware of the separation that awaits them in these stunning wedding snaps that are bound to tug at the heart-strings of any Delena shipper with gusto.

These new promo shots from Jo and Alaric’s May 7th wedding show Damon and Elena in all of their wedding finery, and it looks like this will probably be the only time we'll see these guys walking up any aisles...

Check out the sumptuous snaps below and get ready to start X-ing off the days until this stunning episode airs:

If anyone has an upcoming wedding, those pictures are definitely ones for the Pintrest board!

It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy seeing Alaric getting married and finally getting the happiness he deserves, I just hope it's not as short-lived as I think it might be... Put it this way, a few episodes from the finale is probably not the wisest wedding date!

(Source: TV Line)


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