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The based-on-a-true-story Disney original movie Double Teamed was groundbreaking for a couple of different, heavily awesome and strange reasons. Firstly, it featured a real high school basketball program (and obviously, a real high school) in the Palos Verdes Sea Kings.

Having the living and breathing catalyst of a pushy father, two blonde twins who go by the names of Heidi and Heather Burge work hard to obtain college scholarships but get much more than that. In the end, they manage to get careers as professional basketball players.

Spoiler alert, we find out in a flash-forward of sorts that Heidi plays for the Los Angeles Sparks and Heather plays for the Sacramento Monarchs... two real WNBA teams. Although the story is great, it turns out that the sisters' time in the WNBA did not actually overlap in real life and they never faced each other in a WNBA game.

Heather Burge (Played by Poppi Monroe)

One of the WNBA stars, Heather Burge was the one who ended up on the Sacramento Monarchs for a year as this was based on a true story. She was played by Poppi Monroe, and I think she certainly looked the part for the movie role. Monroe has since done voice acting, specifically for the Terminator 3 video game and has also appeared in TV movies and series'.

Heidi Burge (Played by Annie McElwain)

Heidi was the one who made it to Hollywood, quite literally, playing a season with the Los Angeles Sparks, the WNBA franchise from the Southern California city. The actress who played Heid is Annie McElwain who has since appeared on CSI: Miami and Shark.

Nicky Williams (Played by Teal Redmann)

Nicky Williams, played by Teal Redmann, was the former star of the Palos Verdes basketball team, who then becomes the arch nemesis and rival of the two twins. Redmann, since Double Teamed has gone on to act on CSI and with a recurring role on Gilmore Girls.

Larry Burge (Played by Nick Searcy)

Larry Burge is the demanding father that may have subconsciously wanted to live vicariously through his daughters and their elite basketball careers. He was played by Nick Searcy, probably one of the more successful actors to come from this film. He's appeared in countless movies and TV series' but most recently he was Art Mullen on Justified.


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