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I love both DC and Marvel. I watch Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD and other Marvel and DC movies.

I watched the movie already at a theater, and I can tell you it's pretty awesome. If you would like to know stuff before watching it, then feel free to read on.

Blank spaces so people don't "accidentally" read on if they don't want spoilers.

Yep.... Keep on scrolling

Ok. I'll spoil the movie.

1. Banner and Romanoff are together...... really.

2. The Maximoff twins were Hydra's experiments at first, but joined Avengers later.

3. Ultron (the AI, not the robot) hacks and destroys Jarvis. But Jarvis hacks his way out and survives.

4. Jarvis's AI was inserted into the Vision, and YEP the Vision beats up Ultron all the way!!

5. Oh also, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) has a wife, three kids, and a house in the countryside! (quite unexpected really)

6. Great tension between Captain America and Iron Man almost break apart the team.

7. Oh also, Quicksilver sadly dies in order to save a little boy. Too bad..........

8. No Loki and Coulson in this movie, but the Avengers were retrieving Loki's scepter at first in Segovia (yep, it was mentioned in Agents of SHIELD)

9. Captain America assembled his own team of Avengers at the end of the movie and it consists of: Scarlet Witch, The Vision, War Machine, Falcon, and himself.

10. Thanos showed up at the post-credit scene and he says: "Fine, I'll do it myself." Probably refers to how Ultron did not destroy Earth.

Anyways, the movie is great and hope all of you will like it. These spoilers are real and all true. I already watched the movie because I live in Taiwan, and the movie aired on 4/22 for us making us the first country in the world to launch it. The movie will air tomorrow 5/1 in the States and hope you enjoy the post.


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