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Telltale games and Marvel Announced a deal which will bring us a game in 2017

Too bad that not a lot has been confirmed because people like me and probably you are wondering, will it be a classic Telltale game or will they bring something new to the table.

My guess or idea for this new game is that they start something new!

1st Idea: New Characters and Storyline.

We all know that Telltale are amongst the gods of storytelling for me The Walking Dead: Season One was the best Telltale game I've ever played and

I believe they can carry on that power so they can create new Marvel characters with their own storyline, and once that the episode is finished and if it is successful, Marvel can take advantage and create a new comic series of the character.

2nd Idea: Marvel Gaming Universe.

This could be like the MCU but with Marvel games, they could start anywhere from Captain America taking over Hydra and discovering plans to create a super weapon or Hank Pym trying to make Ultron work again or even Deadpool pissing off Thanos.

Each episode can be about 3 Marvel heroes maximum and in the last one bring them all together plus many other heroes for the final battle (which would be awesome!)

Last Idea: Recreate The Marvek Cinematic Universe

If Marvel and Telltale create a game using all Marvels characters surely they can fix the MCU experience by bringing in the X-Men, Fantastic 4, Deadpool and even Apocolypse to create the ultimate showdowns and beat downs, when I mean recreate the MCU I mean change it from start to finish I'm talking, Antman actually making Ultron, Ultron Destroying the World, and going back in time to save it!

If You Have Better Ideas Comment Them Below :)


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