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It's pretty crappy of me to even make a post about this topic, but it must be done. It must!

Ist my opinion, in no way is it fact, no way can an opinion be fact, anyway, so, with that being said...

What's the deal with celebrities being gods after they bite it?

Do you remember Michael Jackson? People forgot he even existed until he died. It was like we were waiting until he died to remember his life 20 years prior. It's stupid. It is the true fan who sticks with them throughout their entire career, regardless of their fame.

With that logic in mind, will we remember the good times when Bill Cosby croaks? Will years of terror turn into years of laughter? Will we remember his sweaters and his humor over his sexual exploits? Time will tell.

I wonder where these people would be today if they hadn't died... Would Kurt Cobain have faded out, Backstreet Boys style? Or would he have turned movie star, and Wahlberg'd us all! (Donnie, not Marky)

Here's the offensive part: Paul Walker? Wasn't that great an actor, he said his passion was racing, and it proved that he was not very good at it. Admittedly, he had some great films, like Cruel Intentions, I Know What You Di... wait, that's Ryan Phillipe! Like, (imdb'd it) Pleasentville! He's not exactly the star, but that's a kick ass film. The Fast and Furious franchise is... a cut and paste style series, where it floats on the name alone. Before all of you hate on me, I have seen all of the franchise, and Brian is probably the more realistic character out of the group (seriously, if Vin Diesel is anything like Dom Toretto in real life, I'd slap his dumb face hard. He's a silly person, with CSI-Style one-liners), and just like Cinemasins says, Tyrese will "earn that paycheck".

What I'm saying, (if I'm saying anything) is yes, he died tragically, amd you can all say he died doing something he loved (if he had a huge love of fireballs, that is), but just remember, most people hated the Fast and Furious movies (most adult people), so WHY should we sit through another one that Vin is calling Fast 8, or F8... [email protected] fate... the the actual f$! Who is going to tell him how stupid he is? Should we wait until we are all finished grieving?

So, if you end up reading this part of the article, thank you. What you have read is somewhat exaggerated For comical purposes. Fin, yo.


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