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Ive seen alot of movies and like a most females chick flicks and romances are on that list but not only those i find quite a few movies interesting and here are a few :

The fast and furious franchise

I love them not only coz of the attractive and well talented Vin, Paul (R.I.P), Ludacris, Tyrese, Dwayne, Jordanna, Michelle, the gorgeous cars and beautiful places they go to but because of the close bond they form through the films and becoming a family which you'd do anything for.


Like most women and some men i find this emotional, the fact shes rich and he's poor shows that falling in love doesn't mean with someone the same as you whether the other person is black, white, fat, skinny, has scars, rich, poor doesn't mean you should judge them, you have to find out whats inside because that's what counts, you're body will age but your heart will only grow stronger


This is one of my favorites because when Bruce dies to save the lives of everyone on the planet and me being a girl and a very over sensitive one at that, it makes me cry and not only that the amazing song at the end (Don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith) it made me realise that I dont want to miss a thing of everyones life that i love :)

and last but not least my favorite;


The reason i love Batman is because he doesn't have a superpower and no hero in this world has super powers the heros we know carry guns and fight for our countries, they save lives by medicine, they put fires out, we call them family, there are alot of heros in this world and they don't have powers just heart! so that's why I chose Batman as my superhero and forever will love him! BRUCE ALL THE WAYNE!!! (that was supposed to be a fun y, but failed haha)

i really hope you liked this article! as it was my first attempt


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