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So today we got to see into Oliver Queen's new life, and basically he went back to his home (Starling City) to capture Nissa. He succeeds, but Ras does not kill her but rather engages Oliver to her.

That should be interesting right?

However that is not why I am writing my article. I am writing my article because of this guy...

Yup. We could possibly see a return. The officials at Arrow headquarters had released a statement saying that we could see Roy return to solve things with Thea, but could we see him return for another reason?

I watch you sleep at night.
I watch you sleep at night.

Mainly this guy. Yes, now that Ras Al Gul wants Arrow to spread a deadly virus into the heart of Starling city, who is going to stop our once brave and courageous vigilante. Well, thanks simple his trusty apprentice, Arsenal.

The show down of the century.

Black Canary, Diggle, Possibly Thea, and Merlin + Arsenal vs the league of Assassins led by Oliver.

What do you think could Arsenal come back and be the face of justice in Starling city?


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