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Our new Creators continue to bring their A game, and so it's only natural that we show them some love! Without further ado, here's a well deserved shout-out to this week's favorite new Creators to highlight their awesome work.

"Dialogue Choices in Games – Unintentionally Making You Look Like an Idiot" by Nick Reilly

As video games have grown and become able to tell more enthralling stories, the options to shape the world through your choices have grown with it. Dialogue options are a common thing these days where you can mold your character to your liking by what they say. And as Nick Reilly shows us, with complex character development come unexpected responses.

"Kickstarter Animation 'Tales of Alethrion - The First Hero" by Sun Creature Studio

Sun Creature Studios are an animation studio that catch your eye with their beautiful imagery... which then becomes a gift that keeps on giving! The danish animators have created an incredible prologue to their kickstarter TV series and they were kind enough to share their beautiful short on Moviepilot. If you love the project just as much as we do, please let them know and share their amazing campaign to create the entire TV series. I'd also recommend checking out the rest of their Youtube videos to see the gang behind the scenes.

"Paparazzi Art Print" by Mioxy Master

Superheroes are both famous and loved. Everyone wants a piece of 'em, and so the idea of them being chased by paparazzi isn't even that far of a stretch. In this post, new creator Mioxy "captures the unseen life of superheroes". Check out Spiderman spray painting some graffiti and Batman casually eating a burger at his local burger joint. Hey, maybe superheroes are not so different after all.

"How is Jared Leto's Joker Like Modern Art?" by Ben Veatch

There has been much debate over the promotional image of Jared Leto as the Joker. Yes, we understand you are damaged, but having it literally on your forehead is a bit on the nose… see what I did there? However, Ben Veatch sees this pose more as a reference to a certain painting which gives this image an entirely new meaning!

"Step-by-Step Awesome Fan-Made Cosplay of Netflix's Daredevil!" by Steven Griffin

Every now and then you come across a cosplay effort that is so impressive and so detailed that it MUST be shared. Arriving right on time is Steven Griffin, who loved Netflix's Daredevil so much that he decided to create his own costume. Check out photos of the end product and a fantastic stage-by-stage article that tells you all about how he made it. If that isn't enough, he's also teamed up with some great photographers for some really cool cosplay snaps.

"Five SCARY Scenes in Modern Horror Movies" by Simon Calderon

Horror is such a beloved genre, with so many iconic scenes, that it seems difficult to nail down the scariest scenes. But Moviepilot newbie, Simon Caldron, has done just that, putting together the most spine tingling and intense scenes of recent memory!

"3 Fun Facts About Guardians Of The Galaxy!" by Movie Blast

Trivia. Who doesn't love some good old trivia about our favorite movies, tv shows or celebrities. Well, I know I do. Luckily new Creator Movie Blast has jumped on the Moviepilot bandwagon, bringing us fun facts from the coolest films. Animated by himself and/or a group of his mates, his work without a doubt deserves a spot in this Top 10 list. Check out one of his videos above!

"15 Years of Digital Monsters!" by Andrea Marie Cini

What were you doing on this day, 15 years ago? If you can actually remember I am very, very impressed. But I’m going to take an educated guess and say that I was somewhere watching/playing Digimon. For those of you who watched the series, you know what a treat it was. But for those of you who may not be familiar with the Japanese anime, MP newbie Andrea Marie Cini is here to catch you up to speed.

"5 Comics That Need a Place in Film, Gosh Darnit!" by Brandon Wesley Mckay

Although we will be flooded with DC and Marvel film adaptations for the rest of the decade, there still remains a whole comic industry from which to draw inspiration. New creator Brandon Wesley McKay has summed up 5 not so well known comics that should have their own movies. Did your indie favorite make the cut? Let Brandon know in the comments!

"The SuperHero Painting Project" by Adam Mazy

"The Superhero Painting Project” is a labor of love for artist, Adam Mazy, who has just recently rediscovered his love for drawing and painting his favourite heroes. His style is immediately recognisable and the characters he creates seem as though they belong to their own universe entirely - somewhere far, far away from the DC/MCU. Check out his first series of portraits, and show this talented super fan some love!


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