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Ryan Phillipe dropped a big bomb while making an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. He revealed that Marvel is currently talking to him about a potential role in the Netflix universe that they've created.

Immediately everyone's mind went to "who could he be playing?" Marvel has already found their Daredevil (obviously), Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. The only one missing from the Defenders lineup right now is Iron Fist. So could that be the role that Phillipe is in talks about?

While Phillipe has made a bit of a comeback on ABC's "Secrets and Lies" he hasn't done that much in the way of action. Though he seems to be in superhero shape. Have you seen the dude with his shirt off?

Iron Fist is portrayed as a blond playboy in the comic books. So Phillipe fits that bill. However, I think that he could be up for other roles, smaller roles, that could later fit into both the Defenders and Avengers teams. Someone that isn't exactly one of the major players, but someone who the Defenders could go to for help. Maybe he's introduced in the second season of Daredevil, potentially.

So which Defenders characters could be on the radar?

U.S. Agent

US Agent in Marvel Comics
US Agent in Marvel Comics

Maybe a bit of a stretch, but with the introduction of Inhumans and deviners on "Agents of SHIELD" perhaps there is a down on his luck soldier out there looking to gain super powers. US Agent, while based in the Vietnam War, could easily have his story switched to the conflicts in the Middle East and he seeks new opportunity from a Power Broker that is based in New York City.

This makes sense because he could be a low level player for Netflix, while giving us that feel of Captain America.

Black Knight

Black Knight in Marvel Comics
Black Knight in Marvel Comics

Yes, it would be a bit weird to see someone walking around in full knight armor and riding a flying horse, but maybe Netflix gives us some sort of variation of the Dane Whitman character.

Black Knight is an expert swordsman. He's also an exceptional fighter and extremely intelligent. Maybe Daredevil has inspired individuals to take up arms and defend their city? Maybe one of those people happens to have a genetic link to the knights of the past? Anything is possible in the MCU.

Prowler - Rick Lawson

Prowler in Marvel Comics
Prowler in Marvel Comics

We could be thinking in the wrong direction, too. My Daredevil inspiring other vigilantes might not be far off, but what if one of those vigilantes lands in the hospital where a staffer uncovers his identity and steals his costume? I could totally see that story line playing out on Netflix.

The Defenders encounter the Rick Lawson version of the Prowler, who is abusing his powers. It would be great if they could somehow reform him, and turn him from the dark side. I think this role makes a lot of sense as far as his powers and abilities go, plus his location in New York City.

It also wouldn't a be a stretch if they introduced Phillipe as a villain, who eventually turns good when his circumstances change.

Whoever they select for Ryan Phillipe to play, I don't think that person will have more powers or abilities than someone like Captain America. While it would be awesome to see someone with super powers in the Netflix universe, I think someone with lesser abilities works better for this. Iron Fist is still an option, but I wouldn't count him out for other roles.


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