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Now, there are a lot of things about Avengers: Age of Ultron that're carefully designed to leave a goofy smile on your face: Iron Man fighting the Hulk while wearing a suit of armor over his own regular suit of armor, everything Hawkeye does and anything involving James Spader, for instance.

There's one thing, though, that's seemingly destined to do very little other than make Avengers fans the world over weep into our Tony Stark-print onesies in despair: This will be Joss Whedon's final Avengers movie.

Which, since the two he's already made are among the finest superhero movies ever made, makes that what is commonly known as 'horrifyingly terrible news'. Sure, the Russo Brothers proved they'd be awesome replacements with Captain America: The Winter Soldier,'s just not ever going to be quite the same.

So, it seemed that with the release of Age of Ultron, the time was right to take a look at:

10 Reasons Why Joss Whedon Leaving the MCU is Officially the Worst

Starting with:

10. He Brought the Funny

And who else can bring the funny quite like Joss?

9. Marvel Trusted Him Completely

And - even for favored directors like the Russos - that's going to be a much bigger ask for everyone who comes after him.

8. He Knew Exactly What We Wanted To See...

Which inevitably involved superheroes fighting other superheroes.

7. ...Even When We Didn't Know it Ourselves Just Yet


6. He Gave Us This:

And, in one fell swoop, post-credits sequences were never the same again.

5. And This:

Because, more than almost any other director around, Joss totally got what it was like to be a fan.

4. And Especially This:

And, lo, a thousand memes were born.

3. He Got What Made Tony Stark Tick Better Than Anyone...

Even more so than RDJ himself, in some ways...

2. ...And Made the Hulk Cool Again

Though the internet helped.

Most of all, though?

1. He Gave Us The Avengers. And That's Enough.

Nuff' said.

Though, of course, there's one big reason why it might all be OK (other than the fact that he'll probably be back one day):

We Might Finally Get to See Another Firefly Movie

Which would be AMAZING.

In the meantime, though - here's to you, Joss Whedon...


What do you reckon, though?


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