ByMatt Brown, writer at
Matt Brown

First off, my team will be lead by Captain America. He's the ultimate leader, great strategy with him.

Second in Command, Batman. With the creative minds of Steve Rodgers and Bruce Wayne together you can't lose.

Thirdly, DEADPOOL. Why Deadpool? Why the FUCK not?! Regeneration and witty comebacks plus Chimichongas. You just cant deny Deadpool.

Fourth, Green Lantern. With the Ring he can defend his comrades and attack the invaders.

Fifth, Black Widow. Every team needs a sexy female badass that can whip the boys into shape. She can thigh-break my face any day.

Sixth, Deathstroke. Him and Deadpool together plus unlimited ammo and a blood lust equals HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE!!!

Finally we'll end with the duo of Rocket Racoon and Groot. Because everybody knows that Groot will remind everone that they are a team and then Rocket will just blow eveything to embers.


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