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When it comes to improving upon Bethesda's award-winning formula with 2011's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are a great deal of gameplay elements that seem seriously difficult to top. I mean we had dragons to fight in Skyrim, and if these aren't present in Elder Scrolls 6, I wonder how Bethesda are going to manage to raise our expectations and hype for the next instalment.

That being said though, if they move the entire location of Elder Scrolls 6 to Argonia, like here, then that's going to be one problem they won't have to worry about! But in terms of gameplay, I wonder how Bethesda are going to improve upon the idea of shouts. They've never had anything like this in the Elder Scrolls series and it's unlikely that it will return. So what could they introduce to replace Skyrim's famous shouts in Elder Scrolls 6?


Can Bethesda Top Skyrim's Shouts Gameplay for Elder Scrolls 6?

Fans of the Elder Scrolls series have debated this issue before. A lot of the other regions in Tamriel have their own abilities that could be compared to shouts. Some have suspected abilities like "sword swinging" for the Hamerfell region might be a possibility, whereas wild hunt powers will be available to those from Valenwood. But this would mean that players would have to come from these areas in Elder Scrolls 6 or travel to them and learn these abilities.

Which raises one other question: do you think Bethesda could make all of Tamriel its next map? I seriously doubt it, but we'll have to wait and see. Anyway, the issue with having these abilities present in Elder Scrolls 6 would still mean that Bethesda would be pulling us back from the power of shouts. With shouts we could do so many different things! Push items away from us, shoot fire, travel large distances at great speed or become un-hittable.


Therefore, if we were suddenly limited to singular moves or had to slowly learn powers from different regions, it would still be nowhere near as diverse and empowering as the shouts were in Skyrim. It's difficult to predict what Bethesda are going to come up with. The thing about Skyrim was that it advanced the Elder Scrolls formula in every single way (except its kinda lacklustre story and lack of immersion).

So what do you think Elder Scrolls fans? Do you think they'll find a way to just keep shouts as part of Elder Scrolls 6? Or will they have to invent new ways for players to take on their enemies? Let us know what you'd like in the comments!


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