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David Kane

I think it's interesting that the inspiration for this universe's Batman is opposite from this universe's Superman (Man of Steel). They decided to redesign Kal's suit to make sense in context of his heritage as some kind of flight suit. It has new stuff no one has had before (nixed the undies) and prepares him for a movie that's set in an all-new DCU. But Batman is based directly on an old design: Frank Miller's Dark Knight. The short ears, the wide-set chest symbol and even the old Bruce Wayne to wear it: this Batman is probably the first movie version to take direct influence from a comic incarnation. It's interesting that they would inject that inspiration from the old into a universe that is supposed to be new from the ground up.

Another reversal is their ages when they meet. In the comics, the two are usually around the same age, having started their crime-fighting careers around the same time and eventually meeting up to form the Justice League. In this movie, Batman is already reaching middle age and has operated for decades. In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns the climactic showdown happens when the two heroes are both old and their friendship has rotted over the years of tension. In this, Superman is just starting out as Batman approaches retirement. And the tension will come from how quickly Superman can save problems versus Batman's meticulous approach. Batman is wizened and will offer a veteran perspective to Superman's journey toward being a true hero. Because he's not yet. This movie is another step toward the Justice League where Superman will learn from his comrades what being a hero really means. The mistakes he made in Man of Steel are him stumbling and falling before Batman and his other "super-friends" will help up and have him join them in the sun.


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