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I’ve always found it strange that no one seemed to know who Michael B. Jordan was before the actor’s casting in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. The young actor has a lengthy IMDb page with previous work in film (Chronicle, That Awkward Moment), television (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood), animation and video games (The Boondocks, Gears of War 3), and giving a voice to a DC Superhero, Cyborg, in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

Seeing the knee-jerk reaction of racial slurs and constant questions about where the actor even came from when he was cast as Johnny Storm - well, that absolutely bewildered me. A quick Google search will tell you that Jordan is a hard-working actor who’s been in the game for years, but only recently found success in lead roles.

His upbeat, comedic vibe mixed with his roles in both action and drama-centric productions can give comic book fans a quick taste of what we’re to expect: A witty, fast-talking Johnny Storm who thirsts for action; a Johnny Storm that can carry the torch as a reckless trouble-maker, but an overprotective brother; a Johnny Storm played by an actor that’s in tune with geek culture as a whole. Jordan’s humble and charming presence in interviews shows us, as fans, an actor who is eager to please us, who isn’t taking the idea of being a superhero lightly, and who is as down-to-earth as one can be when their star is rising so rapidly.

All of that potential, despite being demonstrated in countless roles already, can’t be contained for much longer. Will Jordan be the next big thing? Hard to say. But with the release of The Fantastic Four and his upcoming thriller, Creed, where the actor plays the title character (who is the apprentice of the legendary Rocky Balboa - no, I’m not kidding), time will only tell whether or not Jordan has the chops to burst out as the latest headline-worthy hero alongside at least four guys named Chris. As the pillow on Carrie Fisher’s bed says: I have a very good feeling about this.


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