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Ok so we all know about the traditional stoner movies; Grandma’s Boy, Half Baked, and basically any movie with Seth Rogan. I decided to come up with a list of movies that do not have pot smoking in ANY scenes, but you could still smoke a fat one and be on the ground rolling (or curled up in a corner because I like a side of scary/creepy with my Mary Jane.

So roll a joint, or a blunt, and pull some of these up on your Netflix!

1. Beetlejuice: I love to watch movies with a little bit of a creepy factor! And every word that Winona Rider speaks in that movie absolutely cracks me up. And, in my opinion, BeetleJuice is one of Michael Keaton's best roles

2.Austin Powers: BEWARE! You WILL find yourself quoting these movies for a couple of days after watching; it is a condition I like to call A. Poweritus.

3. The Blues Brothers: I’m afraid our generation might not know about Jake and Elwood Blues. This movie is amazing drunk, stoned or sober; especially is you like car chase scenes. They are on a mission from God for crying out loud!

4. The Black Cauldron: You might be thinking, a Disney movie? Seriously?

Yes. 1,000%, just beware if you decide to watch while on shrooms…

5. We’re Back: Remember this movie from when we were kids!? Well watch it stoned! It is waaaaaay creepier than I remember it being

6. Strange Brew- Eh ya Knob!! This is another movie that is funny sober, but absolutely hysterical stoned.

7. Jurrasic Park- Keep a piece of paper next to you while you watch this movie. By the time the T-Rex attacks, and you’ve finished your joint or first few bowls, start coming up with ideas on how to fight the dinosuars. Seriously the most entertaining way to watch this movie. (As a woman in the modern world I think I put too much stock in pepperspray for protection.)

8. Mars Attacks: ak ak, akakak, ak ka kak, ak ak ak, ak, aka , ak. I just spoke Martian to you. Impressed?

9. Men and Black 2: I picked the second one because it focuses more on the ridiculous and hysterical vs telling an actual story. No one likes to keep up with plot-lines while stoned. Takes too much effort.

10. Snatch: English humor. Nuff said! Plus I seriously can’t understand a single word that Brad Pitt says the whole movie, and it is awesome!

11. Mortal Kombat: It has begun! Now. I admit, the effects are not top notch, but this movie is seriously awesome stoned.

12. Down Periscope: This whole movie is hysterical. But it made it on to my stoner list because of one scene:

13. Fantasia: Classic Disney movies are awesome for stoners. Pink Elephants on parade in Dumbo still trips me out. I chose Fantasia because, again, no official plot line to have to keep up with, beautiful music, and soooo many beautiful colors!

14. Drop Dead Fred: Stoner or Straight Edge, this movie must be seen!

15. Mel Brooks: I couldn’t narrow down to just one movie. Mel Brooks just knows stoner humor. Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, History of the World Part 2, ect. I mean, how can you go wrong with a campfire/farting scene?

Now I narrowed myself down to, in my opinion, the 15 BEST unconventional stoner movies. If you think of a movie that deserves to go on this list more than any that I went with, please leave it in the comments! I'd love to hear more!


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