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In the era of wide ranged musicals, none could hold a candle to the 1961 Romeo and Juliet tale, "West Side Story".

An anticipated remake, by Stephen Spielberg, has been in talks for the past year. We know little about the new cast, however, it wouldn't hurt to shed some light on who could play Maria, as well as honor the late, great Natalie Wood.

1. Ariana Grande

Though not well liked due to her alleged diva antics, there's no denying the voice within this song-bird. With the ability to reach high pitches for Maria's signature soprano notes, and petite body form, Grande would be a top candidate for the role. However, can her voice distract audiences from her unconvincing acting ability?

2. Lea Michele

Although this well known star to all Glee fans, has sung songs from the movie in some episodes, there's no reason why she can't perform an encore on the silver screen. Though she might have to convince us of a spanish accent, her strong emotional acting capabilities will not leave us without a dry eye.

3. Victoria Justice

It's hard to picture her in something other than her on disney channel and nickelodeon. That's why her breaking out of that shade and onto a mature role, broadcasting her wide talents would be suitable for Maria. Not to mention, her pretty face wouldn't be so bad to look at when those "stop the world, I'm gazing upon my future lover" moments endure in the film.

4. Selena Gomez

Although her pipes dont compare to thise listed above, her wide range of young devoted fans would follow her career everywhere. With this, a classic musical such as West Side Story would benefit with her as the lead. Audience will consists of young members for her, and older members for the movie.

5. An unknown

It wouldn't be so bad if Hollywood introduced a new face, like Hairspray. Let's be honest, the most admirable characters of the movie are Anita, Bernardo, and Riff. Having a new face would bring attention to the character of Maria as opposed to the actress.

So what do you think? Who have I missed? This is my personal opinion of one of my favorite musicals of all time.


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