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Hillbilly Horror

Hillbilly Horror Show just released the second volume of their popular, quickly growing horror-host series on DVD, and in honor of the launch, they are giving their fans a chance to see Volume 4 for FREE!

Both Volume 1 and 2 are available for purchase on DVD, and you can find the full list of their retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Family Video and others on their website HERE.

So how do fans earn their free access to Volume 4? Well, all they have to do is visit Hillbilly Horror Show's Facebook page and post a picture of them with their copy of either Volume 1 or 2 on ! Once they post, they will be sent a link and password that will allow them to watch the new volume via .

For more , , and visit the official Hillbilly Horror Show website.

And be sure to check out the for the new feature, Finding Waldo, being produced by the creators of Hillbilly Horror Show, HERE!


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