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Okay so I've experienced ghosts all of my life. I fully believe in them and I have no doubt about it. I can see them and feel the energy from them at times. When I was little I even talked to them all of the time, road trips, drive ins, at home, most every day places too. When I was little I went to an old castle on a tour. I was about three years old. There were a few kids and grown ups there too, along with my mom and the tour guide. All of a suddon I started to get all happy and start talking to myself. Then I started whistling an odd tune (I never learned how to whistle till I was 10) I apparently freaked everyone out when I said I was talking to the kids playing ring-around the rosey.

Then later on we picked up a "hitch-hiker". Although I was the only one who knew of him. He kept bothering me and poking me. I told my grandma and she made him leave. After that I never saw him again.

Then we moved into a small house where I met marry. She lived in my room. One day she wanted to play (I was in the bathroom. She was in my room) she decided to slam the door shut on my mom and lock it. By the time I got out of the bathroom my mom was searching my room for me. I asked her what she was doing and she never said a thing. Apparently Marry scared her.

My grandparents house was also full of old family members. Even an Indian named Saquedack weird right. She was all blue and had long black hair. Including really long nails. She used to rock back and forth in a rocking chair in my grandmothers room. I also saw my old dogs and aunt. I used to play with them by running up and down the stairs.

Also, we used to go to an old drive-in. I would always see a boy in all whit run by and then disappear.

I have plenty more stories but I feel like this is enough for now.


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