ByMauricio Abril, writer at
Mauricio Abril

Last year I created an image entitled "Poor Spidey" shortly after watching 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.' It was born out of my dismay for seeing what in my opinion was a lackluster movie combined with my desire to see Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The illustration went viral and eventually the dust settled only to be kicked up again with the announcement that Spiderman will be joining the Marvel films under an agreement between Sony and Marvel.

When the news of that arrangement broke, I knew I wanted to make a follow up and it wasn't until this week that I was finally able to finish it. Whereas my previous illustration was set inside a movie studio in front of a green screen, I wanted this one to have the playful atmosphere of a playground and the sense of joy a bright sunny day brings.

With that said I present "Spidey Reunited" and it feels so good!


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