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With Avengers: Age of Ultron hitting theaters, people are lining up to see Earth's Mightiest Heroes do battle once again. Take it from a self-professed DC guy... the film is absolutely amazing! While the world watches these titans clash on screen, my eyes will be peeled to one Avenger in particular:

Hawk Guy! Er, I mean HAWKEYE!

Clint Barton gets his proper due in the Avengers sequel after being mostly regulated to the background in the first adventure. Hawkeye, a keen archer given a more tactical refresh in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has no powers of his own. The thing is, he doesn't need them...

Unless you consider "Blue Steel" a superpower
Unless you consider "Blue Steel" a superpower

In Age of Ultron, Hawkeye has arguably the most pronounced character progression. In a world where super soldiers fight alongside tech geniuses and the God of Thunder, Hawkeye seems almost laughably underpowered. It became the butt of many jokes, from Internet forums to Saturday Night Live. In the Marvel sequel, we dig deeper into his past and his life outside of his heroic duties. Not only does the audience get to see Hawkeye in his "natural element," (when compared to being under mind-control in the first flick) we see yet another perspective of how and why anyone would sign up as a crime-fighter to make their living.

Hawkeye isn't a man out of his time. Though dangerous, he wasn't born and bred to be a lethal killing machine either. He's not the product of scientific experiments, nor does he carry around enchanted weapons. What he does have, however, is heart and a respectable sense of duty.

Not to mention fabulous fashion sense!
Not to mention fabulous fashion sense!

With focus and determination, our man Hawkeye proves if you're committed to both your skills and your beliefs, you can be as "super" as the next guy.

Then again, it also doesn't hurt to brag:

Avengers: Age of Ultron is out now in theaters!


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