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Comic Book movies have become a part of the movie goers experience nowadays. Not only do these Super-Hero movies appeal to comic book people, but also to the fast majority.

We've had a fair share of great comic films put on the big screen, but then we've also had some not so great ones as well. Some you could classify as "eh". They weren't horrible, but they lacked emotion or a good plot and good action. Still though even some of the most highly anticipated but ultimately disappointing Super-Hero films were able to display some of the most famous comic moments on the big screen in live action.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' was full of problems. From displaying the entire movie in the trailers to WAY too many plot holes and missing logical reasoning with the audience, it DID have this one scene. The moment all Spider-Man fans know. The death of his first love: Gwen Stacy.

This was of course paying tribute to the death of Gwen Stacy in the comics. When Green Goblin throws her off a bridge and Spider-Man fails at preserving her life when his web catches her leg and by severe whiplash, snaps her neck.

The scene in the movie was so well done, featuring an excellent performance from Andrew Garfield and a saddening score by Hans Zimmer and the Magnificent Six. The clock counting down to it's last turn also symbolizes how Gwen is out of time. Throughout the film, Peter warns Gwen that being with him is dangerous and she needs to stay away from him. But she decides to embrace the possibility of danger and chooses to stay with him, which in the end means her death.

The Dark Knight Rises

The follow up to 'The Dark Knight', it was obvious that 'Rises' had big shoes to fill to out do it's predecessor. I think it was such a disappointment to many because of all the hype leading up to it's release and the endless plot holes. It did however deliver a classic moment taken from the story ark of 'Knightfall'. when Batman meets his psychical superior: Bane.

While some would make the case that this fight is poorly choreographed, I think the fight is more than all of that. It displays Bane arrogance. He holds back for a majority of the fight and it also shows how Batman is just a shell of the man he was eight years ago in his prime. Bruce is angry. He underestimated Bane to begin with, even after Alfred's many warnings of Bane's superiority. The fight ends with Bane beating Batman, in the most famous way...Over his knee.

While the film borrows a lot of aspects from Frank Millers 'The Dark Knight Returns', it takes this epic moment from the story ark of 'Knightfall', where Bane releases all of Batman's rogues gallery from Arkham Asylum and after a long night of battling and catching them all, Batman returns to Wayne Manor, tired and worn with gadgets spent, where he is faced with Bane, who beats him when at his both psychical and mental weakest.

Superman Returns

'Superman Returns' was also a big letdown for many. Not much action at all other than Superman lifting heavy objects and the same "I want land" scheme from Lex Luthor that we had seen twice already. There is however a few good scenes here and there in this movie. But I'm just going to talk about one. The plane sequence.

In nearly every incarnation of Superman, he saves or stops some sort of aircraft. whether it be a plane or helicopter or a nuke speeding towards a heavily populated city, he is always there to save the day. This scene is just such an iconic Superman moment that I had to include it.

What are some other bad comic book movies with great comic book moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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