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So if you're a part of the Moviepilot Creators' group, then you've probably noticed there's been a hashtag game going around called . The adorable (yet surprisingly diabolical) Dana tagged me, so I'll answer her questions, and, in return, ask 3 magical questions of...Senior Staff Writer and partner in geekdom, Catrina Dennis!


1. What book series would you like to see made into a film/films and why?

Seriously? You had to start out asking me of all people a book question? See what I mean about the diabolical, you guys?

Okay, first, I want to see a remake of The Golden Compass. I know, I know, "but a movie about that was just made a few years ago." Yes, but the movie was awful and not true at all to the books. I want a movie adaptation that is as amazing as the book series itself this time.

Two, it's finally, FINALLY been funded, so I'm both terrified and thrilled that Stephen King's The Dark Tower series is being adapted for the big screen. That series has influenced so much of my life, and for one of the most prolific authors of our generation, it's his magnum opus. Plus, it's in Ron Howard's hands, and I have faith he'll be able to handle such a sprawling, genre-mashing epic with care.

Three - *LIT NERD ALERT* - I'd really love for someone to adapt a biopic based on John Evangelist Walsh's Darkling I Listen: The Last Days and Death of John Keats. Keats is on whom I wrote my Masters thesis, so he's always had a place of honor in my headspace. He had such a fascinating, if short, life, and the last few months of his life and the unwavering loyalty shown him by his friend, Joseph Severn, as Keats lay dying in Rome is the basis for a potentially Oscar-worthy script if told correctly. Plus, I really hate that the only major on-screen depiction we've had of Keats in years was in Jane Campion's Bright Star, which focused on Keats' love, Fanny Brawne, and made Keats look like a waify, weak-willed little whiner, which he wasn't (though I do love me some Ben Whishaw, who is a superb actor).

2. Other than Spider-man, what comic book character do you really want to see in the MCU?

That's not currently in it or scheduled to appear? I mean, what's a gal gotta do to get She-Hulk and Spider-Woman up in here? Both would fit in so well, both into the movie universe and the television side of things. Plus, I already have the right actresses for the roles: Everyone wanted Gina Carano to play Wonder Woman, but she'd make a much better Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk. And Anna Kendrick as Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman. Boom. Mic drop. Done. You can send me the check whenever's convenient, Marvel.

Two, I know this is never going to happen, but I'd love to see Deadpool in the MCU, because I would give anything to see his comic book love-hate frenemy-ship with Spider-Man unfold on screen. I mean...

So yeah.

3. What genre of movies is your favorite, and within that genre, what is your favorite movie?

I honestly can't say I have a favorite genre. I mean, I cover movies for a living, so I can find something to appreciate in almost any genre of movie. That being said, I'm really not a fan of blockbuster movies that suck the joy out of genres I traditionally consider popcorn fare. Yes, I'm looking straight at you, DC. Sorry, Bats and Supes fans. It's just not my personal preference.

My favorite movie of all-time, though? That would have to be The Princess Bride. It's an almost-perfect film.

An insanely talented cast.



Sly, absurd, and slapstick humor all.

And it's one of the most eminently quotable movies of all time.

And there is just something about it, an intangible, magical thing that makes it into more than just a movie. It's a film that, sadly, would never get made today because studio execs would have no idea how to market it and wouldn't be brave enough to try.

Instead, it would be stripped down and turned into a "gritty, realistic action-fantasy" and everything that makes it such an enduring classic would be missing. So for me, it exists in a crystal bubble and should be appreciated for the piece of sweet, uplifting artistry it is.


Here are my for Catrina!

1.) Everyone knows you're the biggest Star Wars fan in the office. How did you first get into Star Wars, and why?

2.) You're a brand-new superheroine on the scene. What's your code-name, what are your superpowers, and, as a bonus, what might your costume be like?

3.) What's your favorite guilty pleasure movie?


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