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Any horror fan knows that Stephen King is the.... well, king of horror. His novels were very intricate and of course they would soon be movies. But not all movies turn out to be as good as the book and we pretty much know that first hand. But here are what i believe to be his top ten best.

1. Pet sematary

I've read the book and the movie was just as good to be honest. This movie is about this pet cemetery that was made on an Indian burial ground. Anything that you bury will come back to life, but different..... So this family of four moves into this nice house and they have great neighbors and all that. Well their daughter is probably like three and their baby boy is like one. So the weird stuff kinda happens after they discovered the pet cemetary. But on their road these semi trucks will plow through and its very dangerous. So they find their cat church on the road and he buries it in the cemetery while the family is gone. And all is well but one day he comes back. And the dad is kinda like wth right. So the cats back but is different. i am not gonna give away too much because i want you guys to watch it. just know its a creepy ass movie.

2. Sometimes they come back

Not sure why but i have always loved this one. Its about a man who moves back to his hometown with his wife and kid and starts teaching at the local high school. But his memories start to haunt him. His brother is dead and he cant help but feel like its his fault. And the guys responsible start attending his class at the high school. Normal right? But the thing is.... Their dead too.

3. IT

Personally the clown doesn't scare me too bad. I think hes fricken hilarious in this movie. Hes super creepy in the book though. This movie is super scary, mainly because he is a clown. Creepy thing is, is that hes not just a clown. He is this thing that will transform into your worst nightmare. And as kids, this group of adults of course feared clowns. He also would torment them and make them see these creepy images. But as they grew up they all forced themselves to forget and they moved away. So what brings them back is the death of a friend I believe. And so their all so happy to see each other but they soon remember why they all left to begin with. And for one of them, they wen their whole life blaming their brothers death on themselves.


4. Dreamcatcher

This movie was really creepy. So these buddies decide to get away and go to their old cabin and have some fun. Well weird stuff happens when all the forest animals are running away and dont even acknowledge them. The military has surrounded the place and they have no idea what is going on. They see this slime stuff and pretty much are not happy with the fact that whatever is going on they have to stay in that cabin and wait it out. So of course a couple of them want to go for help, and while two are stuck at the cabin they find a man who is need of help.

5. Bag of bones

Ok so im only gonna talk a little about this one. This one is good, this writers wife and unborn child dies, and so he moves to their lake house to get away from it all. Little did he know he would be solving a very messed up murder and helping some ghosts.

Well there you guys go I hope you enjoyed my article and i will be sure to post more soon!


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