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One of the things I love the most about our Creators is that the wheels are always turning in their noggins. Just as we staffers spend hours, days, weeks and months behind the scenes working on the next big thing on the site (and there are so many things), Moviepilot's creators are constantly cooking up creative ideas and producing mountains of cool content for fans everywhere to check out.

One of these ideas happened to be the 3 Questions tag, and I was tagged by [Alisha Grauso](user:761298) along with a few other creators. When your boss and some fellow passionate fans (but mainly, your boss) ask you to do something - well, you do it. Here we go!

1.) Everyone knows you're the biggest Star Wars fan in the office. How did you first get into Star Wars, and why?

The author murdering Professor X. Oops!!
The author murdering Professor X. Oops!!

My dad is actually a huge nerd, so from a very early age, I was put in to a Star Trek commander's uniform and toted around sci-fi conventions. At one of these conventions, I picked up a deck of Topps trading cards for Return of the Jedi, and asked my Dad what episodes of Star Trek they represented. They looked so cool, and I loved the weird light-sword that the boy on the front was weilding. As soon as we came back from the weekend, dad sat me down with a stack of three VHS tapes, and we watched the entire saga in two days.

I was in love. No, seriously, I demanded that Han Solo promptly marry me. I was six.

pictured: Space Husband Material
pictured: Space Husband Material

Star Wars grew in to something really special between Dad and I: on weeks when I behaved and did my chores, I would get a pack of Topps cards or a comic book from the series (my favorite was Dark Empire), and we would watch it almost every week. This only amplified a few years later when The Phantom Menace came out, and by the time Revenge of the Sith was premiering, I was in full costume and lightsaber dueling with my best friends.

Beyond the bond that it created, Star Wars has always had a fun and innovative fandom. I've made so many friends over a shared love of a space opera, and the ongoing message of hope got me through quite a few difficult times in life.

But, ultimately, I just wanna be an X-wing pilot. I mean, I've got the skills for it. (Attn: Kathleen Kennedy)

2.) You're a brand-new superheroine on the scene. What's your code-name, what are your superpowers, and, as a bonus, what might your costume be like?

Alisha might have seen me look up to the sky a bunch while I was writing this, and it's because I'd be totally horrible at coming up with a code-name or anything like that. Here we go:

At five feet tall, citizens of Port City certainly didn't expect a small vigilante to declare herself "THE HEAVY" before ripping a car containing two bank robbers off of the King Bridge and holding them upside-down, in mid-air, with nothing but what seems to be a talent for telekinesis. Bystanders ducked down in terror as THE HEAVY began to spin the airborne car in circles, seeming to taunt the two suspects, then flung the car down without even raising a finger - causing it to land, parked, on the other side of the bridge, just as law enforcement pulled up next to them.

Telekinetic and unpredictable, "THE HEAVY" fled the scene when officers attempted to arrest both the thieves and this property-damaging vigilante. Police are looking for information on this new possible threat to our city. THE HEAVY seems to prefer myth and legend, as her costume is composed of silver chest and shoulder armor, with a Valkyrie-style black tunic. Citizens are warned against approaching or interacting with this self-proclaimed "superheroine".

3.) What's your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

Hm? What are you talking about?

I don't have...

.. any guilty pleasure movies.

For this post, I'd like to tag [Tommy DePaoli](user:2332501), because he's neato.

1.) If you could pick a movie to accurately represent who you are, which one would it be and why?

2.) What are three films that can always put you in a good mood?

3.) What was the first movie that made you cry, and why?


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