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Tonight Instagram user "officialbatmanvsuperman" posted a photo of what appears to be some sort of assassin like character. Who could it be? Earlier today leaked photos of Will Smith in Floyd Lawton's street clothes made their way online. Could this be the new Deadshot costume? Here's the photo:

Now before all the hate starts brewing, keep reading first. Notice how this doesn't look like the iconic Deadshot? There's a great possibility that it isn't. The Suicide Squad comics have had a plethora of villains and anti-heroes on it's team. A great deal of these characters are ones that either being reborn to the DC Comics roster, or are original. Right now I'm thinking that there are two possibilities for who this character could be in the photo. I really don't think that this is Deadshot. So far, it really looks like David Ayer(the writer/director of Suicide Squad) has done his homework. He's really dug deep and presenting versions of characters that are inspired by a singular one that he has found a combination of a few.

The character in the photo could be A) A version of Sportsmaster.

Or B) He could be Firefly without his "wings". I'll use two photos for better reference.

I personally think that in the set photo it's Firefly. The resemblence is very high.

So what do you think? Is it Deadshot? Is it Sportsmaster or Firefly? A different character? Only time will tell. For now, all we can do is theorize and speculate.


Who do you think is in the photo?


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