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S.I.N. Theory, November 4, 2012. Canadian. Distributed by MCTV. Written and Directed by Richie Mitchell. Starring Jeremy Larter and Allison Dawn Doiron. Streaming online. 70 Minutes.

Michael a professor of Applied Mathematics has been doing illegal research. Illegal, you ask? How can research be illegal? Well, when it involves algorithms, and researching the lives, credit reports, medical databases of the public...I would say it’s illegal. And that’s what the Dean of his department also says. But Michael is haunted by his dead wife, and by a very foolish desire to understand and predict people’s lives. Let’s face it: Michael is dabbling in areas he shouldn’t be and if he weren’t so darn chill, one might say he has it in him to become a mad scientist. But does he listen to the Dean? Of course not! When do scientists ever take warnings seriously?

At first Michael has fun with his algorithms prophesy destiny gizmo thingey. He can figure out where his favorite student --and crush-- Evelyn is going to be. But let’s face it: this is a black and white indie flick about a geeky scientist dabbling with destiny and intruding on info from credit reporting companies. Plus, there’s this brooding melancholy score. You just know that something nasty is going to tweak his algorithms for the worst.

This was a grim movie to watch. It’s good, but I had wanted more. Database algorithm prophetic scifi-horror is hard to do. But for a movie that was about predicting, it felt a bit too predictable. I’d recommend it though for those who love indies.


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