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Ok so im obviously gonna pick Batman because he is just so smart he is always ready he is a very driven person and he makes a great leader.

Next person I'm gonna pick is Black Panther. He is extremely smart a great martial artist and he has the ability to turn into a super powerful werepanther. He is so good he has beaten captain America the fantastic 4 and many others single handedly. Did I mention that his suit is made of vibraineum (or however u spell it) and thats what captain Americas sheild is made of

Next person is obviously the flash causr he is smart a great team player and he gets to a point were he is so fast that time is not a issue to him anymore he can out run superman and can even hurt him with his punches

Next is one of my favorite anti heros of all time aka Deadpool he is funny extremely skilled is so unpredictable that task master cant even beat him. He is the merc with a mouth and no one can stop him from using it he was given an advanced healing factor by the weapon x program but because him and death (Thanos wife) were having an affair Thanos made it impossible for him to die no matter what plus he's crazy so y not have him.

Then I want Black Adam because he is so powerful strong smart and then he later on decides to have a no hold back war with the world and kills Batman Superman and many other hero's and villains and it took the combined force to finally beat him.

I have to put in spiderman he's freaking spiderman y would I not have him on my team he's awesome

Then I'm going to want to get star fire cause every team needs a powerful skilled smart sexy girl with crazy super powers on the team.

And to finish it off I will get black zero a alternate universe version of super boy and has the unique power of tactical telekinesis which gives him the ability to change his physical attributes like his strength and speed and control all technology and his suit gives him the ability to go to different universes and time


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