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Denny Erickson

Den Erickson ,Worlds Strongest Archer Openly Tweeting to Fans That Would Welcome an Opportunity to Shoot a RobinHood Shoot at 100$ An Arrow ! Stating that He May not be a box office Success , But He Is as Close as the World Will Ever See to the Kind Of Shooting The Actors Portrayed in their Movie and Show. You Folks Choose The Charity , I will Even Hand My Bow to The Winner As A Trophy Custom 125# Semi-Yumi , Most Beautiful Bow You Have Ever Seen .. RobinHood Rounds are 6 Arrows Into the Bullseye of a Target winner is the one with the most Arrows closest to the Bullseye

When Your Publicist Is Ready , I am certain The Networks Would Love to See The Celebrity Charity RobinHood Challenge and Your Favorite Charity Will Benefit Immensely , we can Even Start A Funding Campaign For The Event maybe raise even More Money For the Charitable Foundations. . Hawkeye vs Green Arrow vs The Worlds Strongest Archer !! THE REAL WINNERS ,are the People Benefitting from the fine works the Foundations do, However I Believe We can Make a Conscious Effort to Positively Effect More Lives Every Day We Are Gifted With Life , Lets Pass It On ...

The Gauntlet Is Thrown Down !!!!

Will You be a Hero and Pick It Up ?


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