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It's has been announced that in a couple of weeks time we will know whether or not Agent Carter will be returning to our screens.

The first season of the show was praised by critics, however the ratings didn't quite get as high expected and didnt reach the heights that Agents of Shield is hitting.

I personally enjoyed the short 8 episode season , It expanded on what already was an interesting character , as well as bringing in new characters like Jarvis and showing more of Howard stark post captain America.

Hayley atwell was born to play this role she has a brilliant mix of being classly and being a badass at the same time she is in my opinion the best female character (who isn't an anvenger)

I also feel that Agent Carter's story isn't complete yet , she still has to create shield (which could be a season on its own) she also still has many other adventures which didn't fit into season 1 , so I feel another season is definitely needed.

The only factor holding this show back from a season 2 is the viewing and rating number , the shows premiere 2 hour episode had just under 7 million viewers which isn't too bad and was a good start. However it did get worse. During the shows January 13 episode, It dropped down to 5.1 million total viewers and a 1.5 rating which is significantly worse.

However I do think that It would be worth the risk for ABC / marvel to give the show a second season , I feel this character has more to give and would love to see of her adventures throughout the late 40s early 50s.

What do you guys think do we want a season 2 ?

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